Stage 48

Todays Date: 06/30/22
Last Update: 09/02/13 08:15:38 PM
Address: 605 W 48th St
New York City, NY    10019

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Cocktail Hour  | Open: 10/07/13 Close: 10/07/13
Get ready to groove as Ballets with a Twist, New York City's hot next-generation dance company, brings Cocktail Hour to Stage 48 on Monday, October 7th at 8 pm. Enjoy live music and top-tier table service as the Martini, Manhattan, and more spring off the menu and onto the stage!

With its mix of original choreography, music, and costumes, the critically-acclaimed show infuses classical ballet with an irreverent pop sensibility while paying respect to the rich creativity of American social culture. Critics and audience members agree: Cocktail Hour is an artistically seductive must-see! The New York Times praises the production as "witty and fantastic," while The Huffington Post raves that Ballets with a Twist is "blasting the boundaries between high art and entertainment. We've seen the future of dance, and it is fun!"