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Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict  | Open: 09/16/13 Close: 12/16/13
"From the age of three until the age of six I enjoyed a rather delightful sexual relationship with my father, i wish it had not happened as it sexualized me at such a young age....." so begins Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict, written and designed by Michelangelo Alasa', a walk through, come to life diary/theatrical installation. Now, Alasa' shares his personal journey through Confessions, a snapshot of his queer coming-of-age experience during the 1960s. Cathartic in nature, this performative exhibition reminds us of our deepest secrets, darkest longings, and biggest triumphs.

Join Michelangelo for a complimentary glass of wine post-performance.

"The true stories of writer/director/producer Michelangelo Alasa', the experience is voyeuristic and thrilling in a way that illusory theater often cannot emulate. Confessions is a treat for an adult audience who appreciate truth-seeking, an emotionally naked look at a skilled artist willing to expose both his greatest assets and most raw relationships." Shane Reader

"Michelangelo Alasa's projections are mesmerizing....His memorabilia from Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and others who suffered while inspiring the world is fascinating to see on the way in and out of the performance space. This review does not come close to how it feels to see the show, which is a challenging but constructive experience." Ed Malin