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Todays Date: 10/28/21
Last Update: 01/20/14 02:43:00 PM
Address: 338 West 23rd Street
New York, NY    10011

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The International By Tim Ruddy  | Open: 09/28/13 Close: 09/28/13
A farmer, a truck driver, a soldier.In a series of monologues, three strangers recall a time of conflict and peril that changed their lives forever.



Spoken  | Open: 09/26/13 Close: 09/26/13
SPOKEN- In The Presence Of Poets is an interactive event that was launched in 2008. The concept provides visitors and artists with an intense experience. Writers of all sorts perform their work in front of an audience, but without any of the usual show aids such as music, light and sheets or bundles. With writers we refer to poets, slam poets, spoken word artists, authors, rappers, singer-songwriters, columnists, comedians, motivational speakers, bloggers, etc.

On september 26th we will present you with a variety of word craft artist such as former Def Poet Black Ice, Southern Fried Poetry champion Novakane, and several Dutch artist!

In addition we are inviting US based poets to post their performance video on our Facebook page and possibly rhyme their way all the way to our SPOKEN Amsterdam event in January ' 14. A small selection of the artists who do will be invited to touch the stage in the Cell Theatre, one of those artist will be offered the tickets to SPOKEN Amsterdam!

All in all, SPOKEN events are innovative and exciting, yet inspiring and honest. Come enjoy this new event with us and connect with other fans of the spoken word, in the presence of poets!

From a Dutch newspaper:

"Not only the artists are pulled into the rabbit hole of suspense. The audience has the rare opportunity to see their idols outside of their comfort zone, up close and personal. They are literally In The Presence Of Poets. Due to the fact that the artist knows he or she only controls one third of the stage time, nervousness acts up with even the most experienced of artists. The audience picks up on this suspense and emphatically becomes equally nervous, but also excited with the anticipation of the performance. Artist and audience interact beyond the usual level of crowd participation. It's truly interaction; even before the audience get's to ask the artist questions. Once the artist leaves the stage, he or she has created and undergone an experience that they like a lot, but are happy to be done with. Yet, they want to come back to improve their performance."