Hartley House Theater

Todays Date: 07/02/22
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Address: 413 West 46th Street
New York, NY    10036

Phone: 212-246-9885
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Near 9th Ave

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Black Metropolis  | Open: 09/07/13 Close: 09/07/13
Based on the famed story about Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Riots, Black Metropolis transports it's audiences back in time to Tulsa Oklahoma in the Spring of 1921. 

Among the growing cities during the early 1900's was an area in Tulsa Oklahoma known as Black Wall Street. Here businesses flourished expanding their wealth, power and education, putting this town second to none in compeition with their counterparts  across America.  But it was despised by White residents of South and West Tulsa because of North Tulsa's ethnic composition and their self made fortune.  North Tulsa became a threat to anyone outside its boundaries.  It was labeled, "Little Africa" and became a target for one of the worst race riots recorded in American history".