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She-rantulas From Outer Space - In 3d!  | Open: 08/14/15 Close: 08/23/15
She-Rantulas From Outer Space – in 3D!, a gender-bending comedy of horrors that The San Diego Union-Tribune calls “a smart, wonderfully detailed and very funny mash up of ‘50s B horror movies, McCarthy-era hysteria and Charles Busch drag comedies,” will enoy its New York premiere as part of this summer’s New York International Fringe Festival

In She-Rantulas From Outer Space - in 3D! Betty, a lovely and rather confused homemaker and her unbearably adorable eight-year old daughter, Suzie, are new in town.  It's 1957, and without a man to head up their little household our two heroines need to find a suitable place to live - and quick!  As fate would have it, Betty and her young brood stumble into the dwelling of Fred and Flora Fairchild, who just happen to be landlords to a perfectly appointed apartment. The two newbies quickly set up housekeeping and, with perky promise, all seems to be going their way. There are, however, two tiny troubles: Mother has no memory of her life before motherhood, and Daughter is definitely not your average child.  Quite unexpectedly, the bewildered duo find themselves at the center of Tarrytown's quirky chaos. One by one, the ladies of the town meet untimely (and rather gruesome) ends while its gentlemen seem to be mysteriously missing.  The strangest turn of events occurs when female out-of-towners appear on Betty's doorstep - without memories or luggage but with definite masculine sensibilities and five o’clock shadows.

Will the mysteries be solved in time to save the planet? Will Betty's secret shame be revealed? Will the disturbing humming hovering in the night sky above the town be explained? Will Suzie's eighth birthday party be the social event of the season or a surprise alien bloodbath?

I Am A Moon  | Open: 08/09/13 Close: 08/16/13

Mia Shen in association with Pocket Theatre is proud to present I AM A MOON, Zhu Yi’s lyrical play partially inspired by the life of legendary Japanese porn star Ai Iijima, as part of the 17th annual New York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC.

Everyone is a bright moon until you get closer and the craters appear. A closeted pop star, an obsessed fan, a body full of hickeys, a window without curtains... weave together a darkly humorous journey into the beauty of our ugly side.

Zhu Yi’s I AM A MOON explores the ways Eastern and Western cultures try to construct beauty and sexuality through shame: the shame of being over-weight, the shame of liberated sexuality, the shame of physical disability, the shame of physical scars, the shame of being a victim of sexual harassment, and the shame of aging.

The playwright was partly inspired by the life of Japanese pornographic star Ai Iijima, who passed away in 2008 due to pneumonia, and the social changes she brought to Asian society. Ms. Iijima was one of the first generation of porn movie stars in Asia when the internet didn't exist and premarital sex was still considered taboo. Her autobiography Platonic Sex revealed her life as an adult video actress. The book’s 2000 publication shocked Japanese society, but surprisingly made Ms. Iijima accepted and respected by the mainstream as an artist and a human being, instead of simply sex object.

The   been performed in both English and Chinese across the globe – Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Nanjing University (Nanjing, China), Mu Ma Theater (Beijing), and Emory University (Atlanta, GA), among others. Last fall, the play’s scheduled performances at the Beijing Fringe Festival and Shanghai Grand Theater were cancelled