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The Summoners  | Open: 01/21/14 Close: 02/01/14
The world premiere play THE SUMMONERS was devised by Hook and Eye Theater.

For three years, black clouds have blotted out the sun over Our America. A five-minute break in the clouds over a small town gives the whole nation hope… and compels a desperate government aided by a corporate conglomerate to sequester the town’s residents in a warehouse facility where they are made to recreate their actions at the cloudless moment . . .over and over. . . in the hopes of once again summoning the sun.

At once an impressionistic flip-book of modern small-town America, a story of one family strained to make huge decisions, and a stern reminder of the power of the natural world, The Summoners clicks and whirrs through the world of its characters hoping to find salvation in the tiniest detail.

Set & Lights by Jonathan Cottle
Sound Design by Nick Moore
Costumes by Lisa Renee Jordan
Cast: Carrie Heitman*, Emily Kunkel*, Virginia Venk*, Cynthia Babak*, Elizabeth London*, Christopher McMahon*, Brian Robinson*, Yasmeen Jawhar

About the Company: Hook and Eye Theater

A long, long time ago, Hook & Eye Theater's two artistic directors, Carrie Heitman and Chad Lindsey met in High School in Saginaw, Michigan.  In 2010, while pursuing their individual careers, they joined forces in NYC to create Hook & Eye . . . born of a desire to explore the boundless possibilities of creating original work. Opening the company to their artistic colleagues and the city's creative community at large, they strive to build what they refer to as a "cloud" of artists - from which they draw to create each new piece. In an effort to shift a measure of the generative workload onto the performer, Hook & Eye offers annual seasons of PlayLabs - guided evenings devoted to new work and ensemble-driven creativity. Fidgital Spring, a rhapsody of movement and mobile devices done in homage to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring was performed at the Figment Project on Governors Island in 2013, at Stampede Lab at the Chain in L.I.C, and Muffins in the Window at the COW. Their second full-length dramatic piece, The Summoners, written in collaboration with playwright Gavin Broady, opens in January 2014.

Jack London: Sex, Love And Revolution  | Open: 08/15/13 Close: 08/25/13
A cast of five brings to life the true story of adventurer, lover, photojournalist, literary giant and revolutionary, Jack London and the women that empowered him to rise from poverty to become the highest paid, most popular, most controversial author in the world.  From the Klondike to the San Francisco Earthquake his exploits and romances make headlines worldwide.

Utilizing Jack’s own photographs of the slums of London's East End, the Japanese/ Russo War, and the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 as backdrops, this multi-media dynamic movement piece includes live piano music by Scott Joplin and Chopin, popular songs of the day, and a duel between lovers. 

Join us in following Jack as his exploits and love affairs make history and help shape American society and literature.
Naked In Alaska  | Open: 08/15/13 Close: 08/24/13
young woman on the verge of eviction. A best friend who offers an adventure she can't refuse. A ten-year career that tests the limits of friendship and the will to survive. 

Naked In Alaska is the true story of Valerie Hager's career as an exotic dancer in clubs from Mexico to Alaska to California. Told with live pole dancing and over a dozen characters who danced in and frequented these clubs, Naked In Alaska is a fearless look at the objects we make of ourselves to fit in and the buried truths we must face to have a chance of coming home. 
Valerie dreamed of writing this show for years. She started working on Naked In Alaska in 2009 as she began to face the consequences of choices she had made in her 20s. After struggling with a meth addiction and eating disorders since she was 13, she had entered her 20s newly sober and desperate for a new life. And right then Raven appeared. 

A wild adventure into exotic dancing sounded perfect… but adventures aren't always what they appear. 

See more at: www.valeriehager.com/NakedInAlaska