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Address: Rotterdam
Rotterdam, NL   

Phone: 0031 6 41468018
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Wake Up In Opera  | Open: 05/25/13 Close: 06/02/13
Wake up in Opera! May 25 – June 2 2013

As a visitor of the Operadagen Rotterdam, you can sign up for a night at the home of a Rotterdam professional in opera/music theatre. A singer, composer, writer or scenographer might be your host! You will get to know your fascinating host and his or her work. The exact address and host will only be revealed after registration as a guest. This surprise element is an essential part of Hotel Rotterdam. Guests will pay € 60,00 p.p. or € 100,00 for two persons (including breakfast)


At the end of the Theatre season, Operadagen Rotterdam presents an innovative programme in which the boundaries of regular Opera fade. Theater- and concert-rooms, living rooms, open air locations and special buildings are the stage for world renowned soloists or upcoming talent.