The Crown Theater at The Producers Club

Todays Date: 11/26/22
Last Update: 02/09/18 03:16:10 AM
Address: 358 W. 44th St.
New York, NY    10036

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An event to raise funds for the ATI awards
4 Monologues, 4 stories, 4 friends, united by art.

The event is in Spanish


Tickets are available at the door of the theater.
For reservations JJ Franco 9292002947:2/22/2018

Monologando Contando Ando Festival  | Open: 09/07/16 Close: 09/17/16
                                         VI FESTIVAL MONOLOGANDO - CONTANDO ANDO  

Only in Spanish  (A production of FenixUsany, Inc)

Monologues and Storytelling

La comunidad Latina en New York espera cada año el tradicional Monologando Ando, en esta su VI versión  viene con doble emoción, queremos darle entrada a la tradición oral, contadores de historias y leyendas que en inglés se conoce como Storyteller, buscamos rescatar un espacio para vernos y contar historias cómo lo hacen en Latinoamérica.

Para esta temporada de 2016 como también es costumbre, buscamos a través del arte ayudar a los que hacen parte de la Fundación cultural Fénix en Tuluá Colombia, que sueñan con hacer teatro, esta organización  trabaja con jóvenes de escasos recursos.


El evento se realizará en The Producers Club Theatres 358 W 44th St, 10036 New York Semifinal: miércoles 7, jueves 8, viernes 9 y miércoles 14, jueves 15  de septiembre desde las 7: pm

Charla ‘’Camino a Una Buena Producción” se realizará el viernes 16  desde las 7 pm, además ese día será la clausura de la primera muestra de Contando Ando

Gran final Para Monologando Ando será el 17 septiembre de 7 p.m a 11 p.m.

The Latino community in New York wait every year for the traditional Monologando Ando, in this its sixth version comes with dual emotion, we want to give input to the oral tradition which in English is called Storytellers, we seek to rescue a space to see and tell us stories the way we do in Latin America.

For this season 2016 as is usual, through art we seek to help those who are part of the Phoenix Cultural Foundation in Tuluá, Valle, Colombia, who dream of doing theater; this organization mostly works with underprivileged youth people.

The event will be held at The Producers Club Theatres (Crown Theater)  358 W 44th St, New York 10036.

Semifinals: Wednesday 7, Thursday 8, Friday 9, Wednesday 14, Thursday September 15 starting at 7 p.m every day.

Open forum '' Road to a good production " will be held on Friday September 16 from 7 p.m also that day will be the ending of the first taste of Contando Ando in its first version..

The gran final to Monologando Ando will be on September 17 from 7p.m to 11 the same place.

Info an reserve: JJ Franco (929) 2002947

BLACK MEN CRY TOO  | Open: 03/19/16 Close: 03/19/16
In 1947, Emerie Jones returned home to his native North Carolina as a war hero. But for many in his community little had changed and their war against poverty and discrimination had just begun. Divided by race, Emerie finds himself torn between the women he loves, obligation and responsibility.
THE ANSWER-KILLING QUESTION BUYS A CRISIS  | Open: 10/03/14 Close: 10/26/14
The Answer-Killing Question Buys a Crisis is biting satire on educational institutions at all levels. Although Western society has long promoted institutionalized education, there have been relatively few inquiries into the nature of this bureaucratic form of learning and how it forces students and teachers to maintain arbitrary standards of knowledge. The play chronicles the struggles of a courageous university student as he rebels against his school's corrupt totalitarian regime and its imposition of a single answer to all possible questions. The school reflects the singular mindset of society as a whole, and the student's professors consider his actions to be criminal. He soon realizes that fighting for his principles is only the beginning; he will soon be fighting for his life, as well. To make matters worse, his best friend and long-time co-conspirator may not be who he says he is. The play is a twenty-first century hybrid of Nineteen Eighty-Four and Dead Poets Society.

Cihangir Duman directs a cast of 4, including Rafa Pérez, Andy Phillips, Heather Shisler, and Dan Kellmer.

The Atomic View Motel  | Open: 06/27/13 Close: 06/30/13
At a Las Vegas motel, in 1952, a family prepares to watch the detonation of an atom-bomb. The bomb goes off and they are transported through time to 2013. When they meet their modern-day counterparts, hilarity ensues!

Fratello  | Open: 05/29/13 Close: 05/29/13
This heartfelt, raw & intense drama follows two brothers who were raised as foster children in New Jersey. One of the brothers gets involved in a life changing hit & run accident. The story follows the two brothers looking to escape town with no money & no vehicle. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Straight from the trenches of the French Quarter, Sketchy Characters will invade New York for ONE night and ONE night only.  Join us as we take you on the edgiest ride you’ve ever been on.  

 SKETCHTOWN is a raucous sketch comedy spectacle that can only be described as “Outrageous.”

BOURBON WHIZ is our first musical web series based on the classic Wizard of Oz.  We follow Dotty as she tries to buy alcohol on a Sunday in a dry county, then gets denied and ends up taking some magical mushrooms. She gets whisked away in a tornado to the crazy old land of New Orleans.  Be with her when she meets the crackhead, strippers, Liars, and Beggars, and Beer OH MY!! 

About the Company: Sketchy Characters

Sketchy Characters Productions is a New Orleans-based company with a passion for bringing comedy to your computer screen and soon to the big screen. Our group originally formed as an improv troupe in 2007. We performed in the French Quarter on a weekly basis for just under a year before deciding to begin filming sketches. At that point, our productions became more elaborate and we incorporated street dancers, music, burlesque, live comedy and filmed sketches. As our fan base grew, so did our desire to push ourselves to higher levels.

In recent years we have delved into other forms like short film and webisode series. We continue to hone the art of pooling our resources and talents to create comedy magic with the look and feel of big budget productions. Our beloved city continues to provide us with an amazing backdrop and material for years to come. Here, we find ourselves surrounded by great talent and ambition and, with that, we continue to grow.

We have had performers come and go, but our core group has held strong. Our comedic writers are some of the best New Orleans has to offer. Our actors have been seen in several big budget films and television shows including: The Walking Dead, Green Lantern, Treme, Prison Break, Bad Lieuteneant: Port of Call New Orleans and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, just to name a few. Our crew members have proven to be invaluable through their dedication and knowledge of their craft.

We remain committed to bringing our viewers edgy comic parodies in a style that pays homage to Mel Brooks. Our goal is to produce feature films that will leave our audience in stitches.

Check out our collection of filmed sketches, Life on Bourbon. We are currently in post production for our short film, Chronicles of Count Jeb, which is a quirky vampire comedy. We are also in post for our webisode series, Bourbon Whiz, where the magic of The Wizard of Oz meets the streets of the French Quarter.

The Merry Wives of Windsor  | Open: 03/14/13 Close: 03/22/13
  Mischievous wives! Jealous husbands! A lacivious scoundrel! All this and more in Shakespeare's hillarious comedy, coming this March!


Teri Monahan*, Schnele Wilson, Tony Travostino,
Jerry Chapa,
Neil Brown, Wende O'Reilly,
Carl Gibson, Kurt Roediger, Bradley J. Sumner,
Valerie Austin, Anna Wallace-Deering,
James Parenti,
Larissa Adamczyk, Erin Nelson, Jason Kirk, Joseph Guarino
and Tony White as Falstaff