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Todays Date: 06/28/22
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Address: 34 W 22nd St
New York, NY    10010

Phone: 212-206-0440

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Peaches And Crime: The Vagabond Cabaret  | Open: 03/02/13 Close: 03/02/13
Be transported back in time to a glamorous bygone era with Peaches and Crime, The Vagabond Cabaret!  Join us for a night at the cabaret,  with all original jazz, blues, lounge, swing, torch songs and murder ballads!   

The modern audience hungers for spectacle, and Peaches & Crime has come to sate that hunger.  Bands are a dime a dozen, musicians three for a penny; the public clamors for performers that enthrall the senses and capture the imagination.  For what a ticket or a record costs, people want an experience that only a total performance can deliver.  The vaudeville escapades of Peaches & Crime accomplish precisely that by marrying novel original music to inimitable wit and vim.

With Ross on the drums, Honest Stephen Longfield on Bass and Mikey the Fist tickling the ivories they build a strong musical foundation upon which the show is built. When not playing the trombone or clarinet, Abigail Pins and Young Catherine bring theatricality front and center with their ring leader, Angie Diamond. Finally, Danny Black acts as Master of Ceremonies, ensuring that there is never a dull moment in this diverse cabaret act!

On stage, this act never passes up an opportunity for dramatic flourish, comic antics, or sophisticated charm.  From murder ballads to torch songs, calypso tunes to drinking songs, no style is unfamiliar to these eclectic entertainers.  Colorful costumes, diverse instrumentation and flashy dances make any Peaches & Crime show well worth the cost of admission.  Each individual’s talents are shown to their finest, and together they wow even the most jaded dance-hall connoisseur.     

Whether jerking tears or poking fun, Peaches and Crime will charm the young and old alike with its virtuoso performances and colorful personalities. Their subject matter stretches from love and death to war and peace, and stopping everywhere in between.  Peaches & Crime will sing, play, dance and quip its way into your heart like a gunshot in the dark.