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Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 01/03/13 04:47:15 PM
Address: 150 First Avenue
New York, NY    10009

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The Kingdom  | Open: 01/18/13 Close: 01/20/13
A non-devotional theatre production encountering a pillar of Western culture: Judeo-Christian mythology. A fragmented narrative reverberates with echoes of Genesis, destruction of the Temple, and a messianic figure. The tradition's cycles of appearance / negation explore the crisis of form: the impossibility of containing what is infinite within word, image, or body. More than a theological problem, this a universal query. Almost entirely without spoken text, a production of actions, design elements, and presence.

Performers ... Charles Baran, Joshua Isak, Hugo Job, Philippa Kaye, Daniel Levitt, Michael Markham, Michael Propster, Adam Roper, Doug Rossi, Shacha Temirov, Regina Vorria

Writer, Director ... Jonathan Vandenberg 
Scenic Design ... Erik Grathwohl, Jonathan Vandenberg 
Lighting Design ... Joe Novak 
Costume Design ... Nina Bova 
Visual Artist ... Sam Hill 
Dramaturg ... Erik Grathwohl 
Producer ... Regina Vorria 
Stage Manager ... Alison Andersen
Seating is limited so please RSVP:
Estimated duration: 70 minutes 

About the Company: Ashes Company

 Ashes Company explores aesthetic forms and languages beyond literary dramaturgy.