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Aftermath  | Open: 09/03/13 Close: 09/07/13
Aftermath explores the sad, difficult, manic and sometimes hilarious time that follows the end of a ruinous relationship.

The show presents romantic heartbreak, and the hard work of moving on through the eyes of Donna Elvira from Mozart's Don Giovanni, a woman driven mad by bad love.

Aftermath features a cast of 11 performers, including 4 opera singers, 3 musical theater singers, 2 dancers, 2 actors and a pianist. Composer, Robbie Torres wrote the original music. Aftermath also features music by Mozart, Schubert, Wagner, Puccini, Rachmaninoff, Brahms and an original song by cast member, Anna Stefanic. Directed by Cara Consilvio, with text written by the director and ensemble cast.


Director: Cara Consilvio

Original Music: Robbie Torres

With music selections by Mozart, Schubert, Wagner, Puccini, Rachmaninoff, Brahms and Anna Stefanic

Choreography: Juliet Ante and Cara Consilvio

Featuring: Julie Farina, Anna Farysej, Julie Finefrock, Kathleen Grace Fiori, Amanda Hall, Julie-Anne Hamula, Beverly Love, Sarah Misch, Jessi St. George, Anna Stefanic and Lyndsay Werking.

Executive Producer: Alex Charner

Producer: Cara Consilvio

Associate Producer: Lyndsay Werking

Publicity Design: Alex Charner


Join us at the National Opera Center for an Opera in Cinema screening of Puccini's La bohème from the Royal Opera House. Puccini's beloved melodies perfectly convey the heartbreak and passion of young, poor, Parisian artists falling in love, starring Rolando Villazón, Maija Kovalevska, Stefania Dovhan and Audun Iversen in a production beautifully designed by Julia Trevelyan Oman that conjures emotions and atmospheres ranging from joy to tragedy in large-scale crowd scenes and intimate tableaux.