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Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Brooklyn, NY    11237

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Assaulted By Christmas - Saved by Solstice  | Open: 12/15/12 Close: 12/16/12
Assaulted by Christmas, Saved by Solstice

A Hybrid performance art featuring dance,circus arts,live music,animation,acting and design.

I'd like to buy into the idea of a "universal" Christmas, a unifying spirit of peace on Earth and good will toward everyone. The same sort of Christmas that they might celebrate on an alien world like Eternia...
Here, and perhaps in all our urban environments, Sell, consume and hustle until our eyes roll back into our heads has become our holiday tradition . Majority of us are relieved when the year turns anew and we can return home from the holidays broke, fat, and trying to make it all up to ourselves.
It's a common complaint, but Christmas has been marginalized. Most major world religions celebrate something at Winter Solstice; it's supposed to be a time of renewal and rebirth and hope. It hearkens back to a time when many wouldn't make it through Winter. You get to Solstice, the nights don't get any longer. You're over the hump; if you made it this far, it's all downhill toward Spring and Summer. This is a time to celebrate life and being alive. This is what and why everyone should celebrate at Solstice. Instead, we start Christmas the day after Halloween, draining almost all meaning ,wonder and hope out of the season. Christmas should be the bright, shining spot in the dull grayness of Winter. Starting it early makes it suck.

Solstice takes us back to the spiritual significance of the season which always wins out over all odds.

Join us at Hybrid Movement Creative Lab for a great show, stay with us for light Christmas refreshments and enjoy an open lounge until midnight.

Acrobatics/Dance Music composed and played by;
Françoise Nadia Voranger Zach Hopper
Jillian St.Germain David Askaryan
Ziporah Roney
Viktor Frányó
Shamgod Geddie
Ronnie T Thomas
Hybrid Movement Company's
Movement as Metaphor student performers
Ruthie Scarpino