House of Yes

Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 08/31/16 01:51:21 PM
Address: 342 Maujer St
Brooklyn, NY    11206

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CLOUD CUCKOOLAND  | Open: 09/08/16 Close: 09/10/16
Conceived and Directed by Djahari Clark, “Cloud Cuckooland” is a new theatrical spectacle inspired by ancient Greek tragedies. Follow a girl who, upon her death, is offered a chance to become Queen of the Birds!  But her Queendom is contingent on leaving her heart behind...a doomed existence the watchful birds enjoy to the very end.

Collaborators include Playwright Matthew Freeman, Vocal Composer Zahra Hashemian, the untamable ladies of both Desert Sin and House of Yes, and musicians David Kammerer, Harlan Muir, Matthew Talmage, Baby Copperhead, and Damon Ketron. Starring Cassandra Rosebeetle, Anya Sapoznhikova, Zahra Hashemian, Renata Bergan, Amanda Mottur, Angela Harriell of The Love Show, Joshua Oates, Kae Burke, and more! The powerful alliance of these artists emerges as a transformative artistic expression of euphoria and sorrow.

Doors at 7pm | Show at 8pm

The fourth annual House of Yes Xmas Spectacular is a theatrical
extravaganza of non-stop holiday joy featuring ravishing dance
numbers, astounding aerial acrobatics, circus spectacles, breathtaking
burlesque and ridiculous production numbers that will have you loving
the holidays like never before.

This year's Xmas Spectacular 2012 explores "Christmas Through the
Ages", from the dawn of Christmastime and ancient cultures, through
the future and beyond! Be prepared to witness the most festive
entertainment of the season that promises to be delightfully inspiring
and historically inaccurate!

Featuring some of New York's finest entertainers including Lady
Circus, The Love Show, Arch Collective and more!

From the House of Yes/Lady Circus Crew:
Scooter Pie
Kathryne van Assche-Parker
Anya Sapozhnikova,
Kae Burke
Dana Abrassart
Elana Delgado
Juanita Cardenas
Soeuraya Willson
Ashley Monroe
Claire deLuxe
Evan Collier
Paul Zucker
Jelly Boy the Clown
Jason Randall
Adam Hussien
Matt Stuart
Asa Miller
Karen Paperno
K Mazing

From the Love Show Crew: