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Touching, joyously inventive and particularly close to Shakespeare's heart, Midsummer Night's Dream is filled with the most delightful creatures on a roller coaster of emotional depth and humor in this premiere by Ajkun Ballet Theatre choreographed by Chiara Ajkun. The Face to Face series affords the audience a close-up to the performers in the intimacy of our studios.


Admission into the French Academie of Ballet's 2013 Summer Intensive is by audition only. Auditions will take place on Saturday, March 2nd at New York City Center Studios located at 130 West 56th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues). Audition times are as follows:

11- 12 year olds Audition Class: 3:30pm
13 -15 year olds Audition Class: 4:30pm
Ages 16 and older Audition Class: 5:30pm

This year's summer intensive will be held August 12 - August 30, 2013. Dancers have the option of participating in one, two or the full three weeks of the program. Our summer program takes place at New York City Center Studios located at 130 West 56th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues)

The French Academie of Ballet's summer program's curriculum is based on the French School of classical ballet. Our program is one that stresses precision in technique and elegance in artistry. Dancers are placed in a level based on their technical ability and not by age. Class sizes are limited and every dancer is given the necessary attention and support to enable them to return to their year-round program with marked improvement.

The first week (August 12 - August 16) is our "Ballet Intensive". During this week dancers have two technique classes a day. Our female dancers have daily pointe or variation classes (depending on level) while our male dancers have daily boys or mens classes (depending on level). Partnering is offered 2-3 times this week and is scheduled for all dancers except those placed in our lowest level.

The next two weeks (August 19 - 23 and August 26 - 30) are our broader "Summer Intensive". During these weeks dancers have daily technique class and either daily pointe or variation classes (for our female dancers). Our male dancers have boys and mens classes 3-4 times this week. There are supplemental classes throughout the week in Pilates, Modern, Contemporary, and Partnering. "Special" technique classes are also given, these technique classes usually focus on one aspect of ballet (turns, jumps, etc.).

The faculty for our summer intensive includes Francois Perron (FAB's Artistic Director), Nadege Hottier (FAB's Ballet Mistress), Brice Mousset (FAB's Modern teacher) and guest faculty from Paris Opera Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet and Hamburg Ballet. Guest faculty members are carefully chosen by Francois to insure consistency throughout the program.

Atmosphere is supportive and positive. Most of the students have come from other well-known summer intensives and are very focused. No sense of competition daughter met a lot of new friends and thought everyone was lovely and kind. Daughter did not feel that there were favorites and everyone got attention. If anyone is looking around for an August summer intensvie, we would highly recommend FAB. Ballet Alert

Thank you very much for the wonderful instruction you all gave to my son. I think that you all gave him very specific, important things to practice this year. I really like the faculty at FAB. His classes were interesting and challenging up until the very last class. My son came away feeling empowered and energetic! That is good teaching. You are right when you say that your school pays meticulous attention to detail. I thought that your year-round students were talented and that you have a strong boys program. D. Davis