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Romeo and Juliet  | Open: 02/12/14 Close: 02/15/14
In this intimate and innovative production, Romeo and Juliet transports us to a modern society rife with war and violence, consumed by rivalry and revenge. Unsure of their place in this tempestuous world, the young Juliet and Romeo find joy, passion, solace, and ultimately an immortal connection in each other.

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Casey McClellan
Stage Management by Nzinga Williams

Featuring the Drama Class of 2016

The Waterwell Drama Program at PPAS is a four-year intensive program in acting and theatermaking. Our approach emphasizes rigor and wholesome discipline alongside curiosity, generosity and an orientation toward others. Our curriculum provides students with the artistic and personal skills to be leaders in the field, their community, and in whatever profession they choose to pursue.


A Spare Me (waterwell's New Works Lab @ Ppas)  | Open: 11/14/12 Close: 11/17/12
With resources, people, and time running out, humanity puts everything it has left into one final generation of children. Selected for their genius and furnished with everything they could require including genetically engineered spare life forms they are entrusted with securing humanity's survival and saving its depleted home. But when both children and spares uncover the dark secrets behind their own existence, they set out to prove they have minds of their own.

A Spare Me
By A. Rey Pamatmat
Directed by Patrick Diamond
Set Design by Ann Bartek
Costume Design by Victoria Tzykun
Lighting Design by Mary Ellen Stebbins
Sound Design by Jeremy J. Lee
Stage Management by Marcy Reed

Featuring the Class of 2013 in the Waterwell Drama Program at PPAS.

Waterwell's New Works Lab @ PPAS was created to stimulate the creation of high-quality new plays for young actors by offering emerging and established playwrights the chance to develop their work with the support of professional directors and designers and a cast of exceptionally talented high school artists. This annual workshop series presents stripped down, actor-centric productions that add to the canon of thematically rich, complex and original scripts and roles for student actors.