Muse, The

Todays Date: 06/29/22
Last Update: 11/01/12 05:16:16 PM
Address: 32 South 1st Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY   

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L to Bedford stop. Walk south on Bedford to South 1st street. Take a right on South 1st Street

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A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 11/29/12 Close: 12/02/12
Shakespeare's classic romantic comedy with a modern, Williamsburg twist. This hour and a half long spectacle will incorporate theatre, dance, music, and some fantastical clowning and aerial work performed by the next generation of theatre artists.

**A "Promenade" Coproduction between Shrunken Shakespeare Company and The Muse Brooklyn**

1. SHAKESPEARE...with a modern flair

2. CIRCUS...with a burlesque naughtiness

3. MUSIC...with an indie rock raspy goodness

4. The Biggest Shakespeare Party You Will Ever Attend

About the Company: Shrunken Shakespeare Company

"We, the Shrunken Shakespeare Company, have a clear yet convoluted purpose. It is our mission to take a classical theatre piece, (primarily Shakespeare) and shorten it, devise it, turn it over, scramble it up, and throw it in the air. Then, we put it on the stage in a way that you've never thought of.

Shrunken Shakespeare Company's goal is to create ensemble driven Classical Plays that are relatable to a younger modern audience and incorporate many types of performance, while still staying true to the text. It is our mission to take Classical Plays, reduce them to edited hour and a half to two hour versions, and perform them in environments that affect every aspect of the production. Thus, each play chosen will depend on the space it is being performed in. From that point on the play will be dependent on that environment; everything from costumes and lighting to casting requirements, music and dance requirements, the concept of the show, and maybe even what type of drinks are served! "