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Littoral: Evan Calder Williams  | Open: 11/29/12 Close: 11/29/12
Evan Calder Williams is a writer, theorist, and artist. He is the author of Combined and Uneven Apocalypse, Roman Letters, and the recently completed novel Escape From Venice, and he writes the blog Socialism and/or Barbarism for The New Inquiry. He has done performances for the Whitney Biennial and the Serpentine Gallery. His current projects include a film collaboration with Miguel Calderón, a constrained-writing horror novel, and a critical study of the relation between cinema and social war in the Italian 1970s.

Established in 2006, ISSUE's Littoral program is a free public reading series spotlighting writers experimenting with new forms and approaches to poetry, fiction, and essays. Responding to a declining network of support for innovative experimental literature outside academic institutions, Littoral serves as a central hub for fostering cutting-edge writers, publishers, and literary journals.