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Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 10/22/12 11:44:10 AM
Address: 210 East 43rd Street
New York, NY    10016

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We Are Now  | Open: 10/27/12 Close: 11/17/12
Step inside a new world. It's 2020, and The Ministry, LLC, a quasi public-private entity is running the world in

WE ARE NOW -- an immersive theatre experience by Sanctuary: NextStage
a wild dramatic comedy with live music
by Bob Jude Ferrante
directed by Katrin Hilbe
music composed by Lois Dilvio
environment designer: Jen Varbalow

From the moment you enter the space near Grand Central, you will be immersed in the world of the play where utilitarianism trumps art and free thought. Nation states are now obsolete, and state government has ceded administration of the nation’s population to The Ministry LLC. That is, until The Movement, a group of resisters, reminds the world that life has not always been under The Ministry LLC’s control; tumult and hilarity result.

Check into the future.

Cast: Patrick Ryan Bolger, Dennis Brito, Alex Dagg, Lois Dilivio, Rachel Halper, Dana Jesberger, Katherine C. McDonald, Tatiana Pavela, Adam Perabo, Jason Perlman and Nilla Watkins

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