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Address: 27 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY    11211

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Billyburg Vaudeville Brunch  | Open: 10/07/12 Close: 10/07/12
Billyburg Vaudeville Brunch
Underneath the Willamsburg Bridge
Sunday, October 7, 2012
Donna, 27 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Entertainment includes comedy, vamping by Lila Donnolo, Acroyoga, Magic, Theater Tango....

Chef Catie Randazzo presents a menu inspired by Autumn and Northern Italy...

*Roasted Butternut Squash Potato Hash
(roasted onion, red pepper garlic)

*Tuscan Braised Chicken
(tender pulled chicken with porcinis, garlic, tomato)

*Autunno Salad
(apple, caramelized red onion, pomegranate seeds, walnut oil vin, with blue cheese walnuts on the side.)

*Randazzo Bread Pudding
(chef's speciality)

*Roasted Pears

$50 for brunch, with one mimosa, or bloody mary
$30 for standing room with one mimosa, or bloody mary

All proceeds benefit the showcase production of
Cowboys (Straight, Queer, Quixotic, Otherwise Allegorical)
an interactive concert play by Michael Marceline

At the cell
a 21st century salon
338 West 23rd St, NYC

Producing Sponsor State of Play Productions

About the play...

Cowboys (Straight, Queer, Quixotic, Otherwise Allegorical) is an original interactive concert play about soul mates: Melanie Arrojado, a gifted chanteuse, and her gay best friend, Topher Ross, an in-your-face queer performance artist.

Act I

Melanie should be packing-she should already be packed; she's moving tomorrow! Her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, Thomas, has a 6AM flight to London that she'd really prefer to be on, but he hasn't asked her along... Topher, her best friend/spiritual brother, will be here any minute; he wants her to move to Brooklyn so bad that he's dragging his boyfriend, Max, all the way to Western MA to help her move. The lease is up; the pressure's on. If only she could decide what step to take next...

Act II

Five years later, Melanie and Topher, perform a one-night-only concert together. Of course, they cannot agree on what to perform so they have asked the audience to request songs and vote on the set list...