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Todays Date: 06/26/22
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Address: 24 Bond Street
New York, NY    10012

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MARY, MARY  | Open: 05/03/19 Close: 05/18/19
Mary is a compulsively wise-cracking magazine editor who uses her sense of humor to shield her insecurities, while Bob is an infuriatingly sensible publisher. Their marriage ended in divorce and they haven't seen each other in 9 months, but now Mary has been called back to Bob's apartment by their mutual friend and lawyer, Oscar, in the hopes that they can avert an audit by the IRS. Throw in Bob's young fiancée Tiffany; his old war buddy, the handsome and single film hero whose star is in decline, Dirk Winston; and one major snow storm--and we begin to wonder, will Mary and Bob recognize that they are soul mates in time to get back together before they each end up in the arms of another?

Produced by Retro Productions

The cast features Heather E. Cunningham, Desmond Dutcher, Chris Harcum, Meghan E. Jones and Robert Franklin Neill.

The Picture Of Dorian Gray  | Open: 04/05/19 Close: 04/27/19
"A Moral Entertainment" 

Innocent young Dorian Gray has his portrait painted by his close friend, Basil Hallward. Dorian also meets Basil’s friend, Lord Henry Wotton, who introduces him to London's social circuit and a decadent world of self-indulgence. While Dorian's appearance remains youthful, he eventually discovers that his portrait ages, reflecting his sinful ways and growing uglier with each offense. Dorian then keeps the portrait safely hidden in his attic, but his mysterious behavior and ageless appearance begin to attract suspicion...

Apr. 5 - Apr. 27
at the Gene Frankel Theatre



$30 – Regular

$15 – Student / Senior

No Rush Tickets / No Standing Room Tickets


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Performance Dates

04/05/19 @ 8:00PM OPENING NIGHT!
04/06/19 @ 8:00 PM

04/10/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/11/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/12/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/13/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/14/19 @ 5:00 PM Matinee

04/17/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/18/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/19/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/20/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/21/19 @ 5:00 PM Matinee

04/24/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/25/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/26/19 @ 8:00 PM
04/27/19 @ 8:00 PM CLOSING NIGHT


Estimated Run Time

2 Hours 30 Minutes + 15 Minute Intermission | Total: 2 Hours 45 Minutes



DORIAN GRAY – Nico Kiefer*

BASIL HALLWARD – Carter Neill Holmes








VICTORIA / FRANCES - Sophia Shefner


* Appearing Courtesy of Actors Equity Association. An Equity Approved Showcase



DIRECTOR - Thomas R. Gordon



LIGHT DESIGN – Gilbert “Lucky” Pearto

SET DESIGN – Tekla Monson


TRINKETS  | Open: 01/11/18 Close: 02/03/18
Back by popular demandand expanded!

Playwright Paul Alexander is a NY nightlife legend most notably known for the 1990s performance art-dance party Jackie 60 where he honed his vocal emcee and performance skills. Following many solo underground dance singles he gained international success with the dance pop trio THE ONES, known for their #1 Dance/#7 Pop hit Flawless.

Trinkets, is an original musical play set in NYC during the 1990s. It tells a story of a group of drag and transsexual prostitutes, who work the streets of the meatpacking district. This fantastical story taken from reality shows a moment in the growth of the LGBT community, which is often overlooked.

During this time, acceptance of this fringe group by the straight world was often little to none; so many drag and transsexual females were given no opportunity for real employment. In order for them to make a living, sex work was a common choice. The audience is introduced to a moment in the lives of an ensemble of characters in a story highlighting the tragedies and hardship faced by these brave defying individuals. And we witness them coming together as a small community to do the right thing.




Honey Davenport - DIVA
Mercedes Torres - STRAWBERRY
Jay Knowles - JANET
Antyon LeMonte - BLONDIE
Julia Rose - TRINKET
Kevin Aviance - MR. PEA
Tyler Waage - DIEGO
Nora Burns – BEV EVERLY
Isabel Lodge - BINKY
Burgandy Williams - KITTEN CONTROL
Celso Satori - BARTENDER
Vincent Miller - CANDY MAN
Dan Krstyen - ROXIE
James Kaston - JON
Sharon Niesp - MOM
Justin Law - SECURITY
Gaston Souffrant & Anthony Decarlis - ENSEMBLE

Lyricist & Musical Composer - Paul E. Alexander
Additional Composers - Laurent Caillat, Eli Escobar, Rami Ramirez, SAMURI (Kevin Aviance & Uri Dalal)
Choreography - Antyon LeMonte

Costume Design - David Dalrymple & Delicia Glam
Wig Design - Steven Perfidia Kirkham
Set Design - Zach Serafin
Lighting Design - Lucky
Stage Manager - Thomas Gordon
Asst Stage Manager - Kyiana S Williams
Audio Design - Andy Cohen
Sound Design - Ken Coughlin

Produced by 24 Bond Arts Center/Gail Thacker

A special shout out filled with love to Jane Friedman/Howl and our other supporters that made TRINKETS possible

Senior/Student Discount: $30. and 10 -$20 tickets at door per night. They go fast so please arrive early or on time 6:30pm

We EXPANDED it for you!
Jan 11 - Feb 3 Thurs, Fri, Sat Sun @7pm
Dark Jan 25th
Senior/Student Discount: $30.
Cash at the door or go to

Trinkets is the first play I’ve written and so I’m ecstatic that it’s being so well received and that I’m able to present it again. With that said...I’m making a few changes that I hope will improve the production. I’ve drafted a new production number titled Welcome to Trinkets, sung by the club master of ceremonies Mr. Pea played by underground music legend Kevin Aviance who originates the role. Backed up by Burgandy Williams as Kitten Control and Julia Rose as Trinket with the entire ensemble and choreography by Antyon LeMonte, it is a reason to see it again if you’ve already seen it. 

Honey Davenport returns to the staring role of Diva and Mercedes Torres returns as Strawberry. Tyler Waage as Diego debuts another original song which was cut for time but is being restored as it is essential to the story. 

That and few more surprises makes this new presentation of Trinkets better than ever and truly Broadway bound. I hope that you will agree.

Paul E. Alexander

The Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Arts Center
24 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012
For more information please contact-Gail Thacker
Cell - 917-841-7567
Theatre - 212-777-1767

About the Company: 24 Bond Arts Center

Our mission is to nurture living playwrights and artists expressing contemporary identity.
In this venture, we intend to revive NoHo as a cauldron of LGBTQI art and ideas by producing new works.

Gene Frankel’s 1961 production of Jean Genet’s The Blacks, A Clown Story exemplified the vitality and influence a small theater can have. This grassroots phenomenon altered the course of Off- & Off-Off Broadway theatre and shaped their destinies, winning one of the first Obie Awards for play writing and eventually becoming the longest running Off-Broadway show in history, launching the careers of James Earl Jones, Cicely Tyson, Louis Gossett JR., and a number of other enduring influential American actors in the process.

Arsene Lupin Vs Sherlock Holmes  | Open: 04/22/16 Close: 05/14/16
The Mystery of the Fair Haired Lady

There is a great secret surrounding the Chateau Thibermesnil and the mysterious fair-haired lady!  A strange murder as well as the theft of the famous Blue Diamond have both taken place right under the noses of the French Police, and the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin is the primary suspect!  After a failed investigation by the Sûreté’s Inspector Ganimard the French Police decide to call for the help of the famous English detective, Sherlock Holmes, who has sworn to solve the mystery, recover the stone and arrest his rival – all in less than three days!



$18 – General Admission

$9 – Student / Senior


Production Dates

Apr. 22 - May 14



The Gene Frankel Theatre

24 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012



6 - (Bleeker)

F, B & D - (Broadway/Lafayette)

Cross Streets - Bond St. & Lafayette St. (Manhattan)


Production Website



Lisa Monde – RAFFLES

Tracilyn Jones - FOUINARD

Claudia Zanolli-Stiles  – CHABLIS / LA MUSE


Lydia Georgantzi – CHAMPAGNE / LA VOIX

David Alexander – GRUNBAUM / DUDOUIS

Alexander Larkin – GANIMARD

Tom Lombardo – GOTTLIEB

Philip O’ Gorman - HOLMES

Kevin Sebastian* - LUPIN



Thomas R. Gordon - Director

Dana Robbins - Stage Manager

Al Malonga - Costume Design

Mitch Ost - Set Design

Michael Zumbrun - Light Design


* Appearing Courtesy of Actors Equity Association. An Equity Approved Showcase


Phone Numbers

The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company – (347) 637 – 1767

The Gene Frankel Theatre - (212) 777 - 1767




Twitter:  @TheOnomatopoeia

Instagram: @onomatopoeiatheatre


Company Information


Our goal is to produce performances for the New York City community that not only entertains audiences but also enlightens and educates everyone involved. To do this we have decided to create theatre with a focus on sound! Any and all types of sound!  Whether it is music, yelling or a symphony of emotions, we aim to create theatre that must be heard to really be seen!  The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company is dedicated to establishing a safe space for all types of artist while creating truly unique theatrical experiences!


Thomas R. Gordon 
Artistic Director 
The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company

Previous Productions

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead – By Tom Stoppard


Rhinoceros – By Eugene Ionesco


Inspecting: Romeo & Juliet – By William Shakespeare / Adapted By Thomas R. Gordon

Let’s Play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – By William Shakespeare / Adapted By Thomas R. Gordon


Pseudolus – By Tidus Maccius Plautus


A Dream Play – By August Strindberg


Dracula: Bloodlines – By Thomas R. Gordon


Macbeth – By William Shakespeare


The Three Sisters - By Anton Chekhov


The Tempest - By William Shakespeare / Adapted By Thomas R. Gordon


Lysistrata - By Aristophanes


About the Company: The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company


Our goal is to produce performances for the New York City community that not only entertains audiences but also enlightens and educates everyone involved. To do this we have decided to create theatre with a focus on sound! Any and all types of sound!  Whether it is music, yelling or a symphony of emotions, we aim to create theatre that must be heard to really be seen!  The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company is dedicated to establishing a safe space for all types of artist while creating truly unique theatrical experiences!



Thomas R. Gordon 
Artistic Director 
The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company

THE TWELFTH LABOR  | Open: 09/19/14 Close: 10/11/14
Steeped in the epic realism of O’Neill, yet stylistically unique, The Twelfth Labor tells the story of a family struggling to survive at any cost. Esther, bereft of her husband, struggles mightily to keep her family afloat as they await their father’s return from the war. When her mentally handicapped daughter, Cleo, becomes pregnant Esther is forced to make a series of difficult decisions.

Through Cleo’s fragmented memories, prophetic dreams, and swirling language, we begin to understand the price she and her family have paid for a little dignity. All while they await the return of their long absent father, lost in the war, half a world away.

“The Twelfth Labor is based on my family’s history. Like Esther in the play, the hardships my own great-grandmother endured to secure a better life cost her much,” says playwright Leegrid Stevens. “We are compelled to pursue the American Dream but for many people in this country, my great-grandmother included, that dream is terribly elusive, laying far off, mirage-like, at the end of vast and long labors. I know the mythology states that Hercules ultimately completed the twelve labors, and now rests in the heavens as a God, but I don’t believe it. Wherever Hercules is, he’s struggling still.”

The Twelfth Labor draws from several sources to tell the story of Esther and her family, including James Joyce, Anton Chekhov, the labors of Hercules, as well as Abbott & Costello and Wizard of Oz. The play’s style shifts from realism to impressionism to magic realism as the focus of the action shifts from the present to memory to dream. The play explores the incredible landscapes that exist in the human mind, even a damaged mind. Throughout a single day Cleo travels decades, experiencing devastating tragedy, brilliant joy, and persistent labor, a lifetime within twenty four hours.

Matt Torney directs a cast of eleven, including Cynthia Babak*, Amy Bizjak*, Jed Dickson*, Jonathan Draxton, Dennis Gagomiros*, Shelby Hightower, Michael Huston*, Tanis LePore, Lynne McCollough*, Erin Treadway, and Brian White.

About the Company: Loading Dock Theatre

Loading Dock Theatre was formed by playwright/director Leegrid Stevens and actor Erin Treadway. The company is based in Brooklyn where they rehearse and build shows. The primary focus of Loading Dock is to create original plays that explore the extremes in human behavior. They produce emotional, character driven plays with an experimental edge.

Measure For Measure  | Open: 05/22/14 Close: 06/08/14
Vienna is a city of lapsed laws, of back-room deals, and flexible moralities. When the Duke mysteriously disappears from the city, Angelo, the substitute for the absent Duke, promises to bring back the rule of law and the Word of God. How will the citizens react to the changes in government? Will Angelo prove to be a just tyrant or a depraved hypocrite? And who is this meddlesome friar wandering around everywhere? This is the setting of William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.

About the Company: Mercury Glass Theatre


Mercury Glass Theatre Company was founded in order to give young, up-and-coming artists interested in creating thought provoking, socially progressive theatre
an opportunity. This isn't just an opportunity for our collaborators. It's a chance for our audience to experience a fresh take on classic & contemporary works. Our eyes can present a new mirror with which to view the world.


The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy  | Open: 04/03/14 Close: 04/13/14
In 1886 William “Dummy” Hoy was the first deaf baseball player to join the minor leagues.  Allen Meyer and Michael Nowak’s comedic play The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy, speculates on the challenges “Dummy” faces as a member of the Oshkosh Baseball Team.  With a stern manager, a play-by-the-rules umpire, an all too curious newspaper reporter and rowdy team of ballplayers we witness his struggles to be understood both on and off the field as he wrestles with his past, fights to play the game he loves and how by seeking to gain acceptance by others “Dummy” revolutionizes the rules of our great American pastime.  A comedy about seeing the advantages of difference The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy drives home the beauty of the human spirit in pursuit of a dream.


The character of Dummy Hoy will be using only American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate in performance while the rest of cast will use spoken English and/or ASL simultaneously.


Bell, Book, & Candle  | Open: 10/11/13 Close: 10/26/13
Ground UP Productions, the award-winning company behind terrific revivals of Barefoot in the Park, Burn This and Pump Boys and Dinettes, brings you the classic comedy Bell, Book, & Candle.

Smart and sexy Gillian Holroyd is a New York City resident and potent witch, but now she longs for a taste of a different sort of magic. Enter her new tenant Shep Henderson. He is attractive and resoundingly normal … everything she wants to try on and see if she likes. Even better, he is engaged to her old college nemesis and a little revenge spices things up nicely. Little does she understand the powerful spell she has cast on them both. Enchanting and charmingly funny, this mid-century bewitching romantic comedy is sure to beguile!

Director: Phil Ruvelas
Featuring Ground UP's own,
Kate Middleton* and Guy Olivieri*
and newcomers,
Brett Bolton*, Bairbre Dowling*, and Rob Maitner*
*These Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association.

Set design: Travis McHale      
Costume design: Amanda Jenks    
Lighting design: Rachel Gevelow    
 Sound design: Chris Schardin    
Production stage manager: Devan Hibbard*     
Casting: Guy Olivieri    

About the Company: Ground UP Productions

 Ground UP Productions produced the New York premiere of the smash hit musical The People vs. Mona by Jim Wann and Patricia Miller. The production was hailed as "good natured, down home fun" by the New York Times, "consistently inventive" by the New York Post and a "hootin' good time" by Variety. The company has also produced critically the world premiere of Jason Chimonides’ The Optimist (“deliriously entertaining” – New Yorker) as well as the acclaimed revivals of Baby with the Bathwater, Proof and Burn This. Ground UP Productions continues to break ground with the new classics, reviving well-known theatre in unique ways and producing new works destined for greatness. For additional information, visit

The Procedure  | Open: 05/31/13 Close: 06/20/13
 Adrian, a man in his mid-thirties, is living the dream. He is a lawyer, married to a loving husband, Jacob, and is about to become a citizen of the United States. Everything seems rosy until the immigration interview, where he learns that the path to citizenship requires a microchip implant. In his eye. In the end, Adrian has to choose between the staying with the people he loves, and standing up for what is right.

Happyouth By Nicholas Hulstine  | Open: 09/26/12 Close: 10/07/12
HAPPYOUTH is a dark comedy following Ryan, a procrastinating writer and Jake, an ice cream peddling burnout actor, who conspire to sell drugs with Frank, a coked up birthday clown, to pay for their Harlem basement bachelor pad. But when they discover the drugs are stolen property, the anti-heroes are caught in a frenzied standoff with a calculating gun-for-hire. This Off-Off Broadway premiere takes an energetic and hilarious jab at the cost of making new art in New York City.

Cast includes: Sarah F. Berk, Eli Bridges, Alyson Goodman, Mike Hauschild, Jon McCormick, and Sammy Urzetta.

Directed by Katherine Martin
Produced by Nicholas Hulstine and Eli Bridges of Live Habitat Theatre Collective

Play dates: September 26th-October 7th, 2012.
Times: Wednesday-Saturday at 7:30PM. Saturday and Sunday at 2:30PM.
The Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012
$18/ $12 for students with valid ID at door
Group rates available, inquire at
Contains adult content.