The OM Factory-NYC, The Yoga Loft San Fr

Todays Date: 06/29/22
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Address: 265 WEST 37TH STREET 17TH FLOOR
New York, NY    10018

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Join me for "Leading With The Fire In Your Hips:Becoming A Woman of Power and Grace". This event is a life coaching workshop for women using sensual dance to heal and transform the mind and body from overwhelmed by the fear to liberated by love.

I created this workshop as an Ode' to my former self.Often times I shyed away from my power, my voice, my ability to effect change because I was afraid of that version of myself and afraid of what other people might think of me. This battle left me at odds with my purpose and stunted my growth for a period of time. I was left people pleasing, disconnected from any long lasting sense of happiness and soulfully undersatisfied with where my life was headed.

My single goal with this workshop is to help you reconnect to your the flow of your sensuality so you can become the woman of power and grace that you were destined to be. When you leave this workshop you will be able to stand your ground and step into your light in every area of your life from intimate relationships to your career. You don't have to stay stuck in that place where you are afraid to use your voice because of the 'what ifs'. God's got plans for your life and they don't include you playing small.

What is sensual dance?
Sensual dance is a powerful combination of movement from the Pan-African Diaspora, Yoga and Jazz. This blend of styles creates a sensual experience for women that reconnects the mind and body to a genuine place of happiness, purpose in the world and passion for life.

October 26th 2012 1-4pm
The OM Factory- NYC Fashion District

November 17th 2012 1-4pm
The Yoga Loft San Fran
321 Divisadero Street San Francisco, CA 94117

December 8th 2012 1-4pm
Location TBA

There are 50 seats available for this event
open to female identified indiviudals only