Gina Gibney Dance Center

Todays Date: 06/26/22
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Address: 890 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY    10003

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Anneke Hansen Dance presents Practical Space  | Open: 11/05/12 Close: 12/07/12
In "Practical Space" Anneke Hansen Dance investigates the act of performance and its application to the creation of a dance. By repetition of a 30 minute piece of choreography during 26 intimate, informal performances over the course of 5 weeks, we craft, explore, and hone our identities as performers in order to more thoroughly develop our understanding of both this specific dance practice and of performance more generally. This is not a rehearsal, and it is not a premiere.

Join us in reflecting upon this particular human pursuit and contribute the element critical to the success of this experiment: an audience.

Come once, come many times...

Performances run November 5th - December 7th
(See image in sidebar for a complete list of dates and times)

Seating extremely limited. Reservations required.

@ Gina Gibney Dance Center
890 Broadway, 5th Floor (NYC)

Choreography by Anneke Hansen
Performances by Ashley Handel, Anneke Hansen, Belinda He, Irene His, Alice MacDonald, and Emily Moore