St. Johns Parish Hall

Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 09/26/12 08:35:55 AM
Address: 461 99th street
Brooklyn, NY    11209

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Moliere's The Misanthrope  | Open: 09/21/12 Close: 09/29/12
When social outcast and rebel Alphonse falls for the most stereotypical drama queen Brooklyn can find Celeste, drinks will flow and friendships and love affairs will be tested in the classic French comedy all dressed up in Brooklyn's best. (get your tickets ONLINE and in advance)

updated and modernized and adapted by Liz Kash Stroppel


James Roy Brown
Sosa James Junior
Laura Langella
Phillip Williams
Adriane Cole
Chelsea Sanders
Anton Koval
Anthony Marino

directed by Daniela Hart