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Todays Date: 06/30/22
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Address: 18 Kent Street
Brooklyn, NY    11222

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'Nothing Lasts Forever, Nothing is Lost Forever' is a discarded fantasy laced with harsh darkness and interrupted by the wild things of our invention.

Saturated in a cultural obsession with the apocalypse, 'Nothing Lasts Forever, Nothing is Lost Forever' inhabits the shifting intersection of linear and cyclical time. In a world of archaic beasts, wandering girls, and the last bird on earth, we observe how environment, mythos, and future culminate in a self-fulfilling prophecy of inevitable destruction. 'Nothing Lasts' is a roving performance installation that rages against the dying of the light.

September 27-29
at The End | 18 Kent Street, Brooklyn, NY
Thursday | 7:30pm
Friday | 7:30 + 9:30pm (+post show party @ 10:30pm)
Saturday | 7:30pm

Directed/Choreographed by Saifan Shmerer
Performed by Laurel Atwell, Becca Cardwell, Lillie DeArmon, Molly Schaffner, Brittany Schmid, Saifan Shmerer and Emily Skillings
Production Design by Heather Freedman
Original Sound by Trevor Wilson
Costumes by Heather Freedman
Set design by Heather Freedman, Greg Kozatek and George Hoffman