The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory

Todays Date: 06/29/22
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Address: 137 W 14th Street
New York, NY    10011

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Pinwheel!  | Open: 03/20/15 Close: 04/04/15
Directed by Random Access Theatre's Artistic Dircetor Jennifer Sandella and featuring an original score by Geoff Barone and choreography by Esther Widlanski, this frenetic Jazz Age musical follows one woman’s struggle to find her place in the American Dreamscape. Torn between mundane domesticity and a glittery life in Hollywood, The Jane embarks on a frenzied journey to satisfy her cravings for a richer life. 
Emotionally charged and culturally relevant, Pinwheel! raises poignant questions about gender, societal roles, and the illusive nature of the American Dream. It is a story that is at once erotic, comic and tragic as it examines our often dissatisfaction with cultural norms in our quest for authenticity.




Ticket 2 Eternity Productions presents Disjointed Love Shorts: A Comedy in Pieces on March 21-24, 2013 at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory.


20 short plays were selected from over 120 worldwide submissions. The collection of plays are united by a common theme -- Disjointed Love -- and uniquely woven together with dialogue, choreography/staging and music. The ensemble, made up of 17 company members -- remains onstage throughout the show and move from play to play becoming characters, extras, or part of the scenery. The concept was conceived by Adyana de la Torre and Brendan Wahlers. 2 different shows in one night -- Disjointed Love Shorts: The Night Before (featuring 10 plays) and Disjointed Love Shorts: The Morning After (featuring 10 plays). Theatregoers are invited to enjoy ONE show or BOTH!


Mapping The Void  | Open: 10/16/12 Close: 10/17/12
Mapping the Void is a search to find something in nothing and the interpretation of that search. A 30 minute dance installation to be performed 3 times in the course of the evening, audience members are encouraged to walk around the space and stay before or after for a wine reception. Collaborating on the project will be dancers Karesia Batan, Lindsay Reuters, Jeremy Pheiffer, Annette Herwander, Niko Tsocanos and video artist B.A Miale. Lighting design by Iolet Francis.