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Todays Date: 09/29/22
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Swan Song  | Open: 03/27/17 Close: 04/15/17
Please note this production will be performed in Russian without subtitles. 

Back by popular demand, renowned Russian stage director Aleksey Burago and The Russian Arts Theater and Studio present a new adaptation of Anton Chekhov's Swan Song (Про Великое Ничто) a comedy to be performed in Russian by legendary actor Ernst Zorin (Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Vakhtangov Theater), and Gala Orlovsky (Prominent Artist of Ukraine Citation) with live music by Di Zhu (Grand Prize Winner, New York International Piano Competition).

With humor and wit, Swan Song is a love letter dedicated to the theater. Enter the stage door and embark on a journey with four actors as they pay homage to Russian theater, its rosy illusions, backstage romances, and battling egos. Newly adapted by Ernst Zorin, the story revolves around Svetlovidov, a faded star torn between ambition and exhaustion. The plot unwinds over the course of one evening following a banquet in honor of the aging actor, where he learns plans are in place to replace him in the next production. In the hours and minutes leading up to the performance, clashes quickly take place, and soon, easier consolations are found inside the vodka bottle. A satire intertwined with improvisations, dreams, and secret jokes that have survived countless generations at the stage wings, this delicious portrait of the world of theater is not to be missed. Featured as part of the first annua New York Chekhov Festival.

Four Performances Only! Seating is limited so be sure to reserve your tickets in advance.


GALA ORLOVSKY, Prominent Artist of Ukraine Citation

Actress Gala Orlovsky has toured throughout the world in her work as a stage actress. A recipient of the Debut of the Year Award for her portrayal of Pippi Longstockings, Gala was also awarded the First Prize in Ukranian National Theatrical Festival for her role in Save Me From Hatred (by Alexander Galich) and Golden Lion Award for best female role in Birdcatcher's Fun.

ERNST ZORIN, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Vakhtangov Theatre

Actor Russian actor Ernst Zorin has worked over twenty years with the world famous Vakhtangov Theater, appearing in numerous productions including the sensational Princess Turandot.

Three Sisters  | Open: 03/24/17 Close: 04/14/17
Critically acclaimed Russian director Aleksey Burago stages Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters, a tragicomic story about the decay of a privileged family grappling with the changes of a modern world. Following the death of their army officer father, the Moscow-born and bred Prozorov siblings find themselves living in a remote provincial town, trapped inside the memories of their glorious past. Only the proximity of a nearby artillery post and the company of its officers make their existence bearable. As they fumble for purpose admist the clutter of awkward suitors, clumsy birthday presents, absurd squabbles and raging house fires, only one desire remains undimmed: to return to Moscow! Featured as the main attraction of The New York Chekhov Festival, performances will take place at the quaint and antique Balcony Theater located at West Park Presbyterian Church. 

Featuring: Reanna Armellino, Ella Ayberk, Hazen Cuyler, Michael Donaldson, James Fordyce, Toni Goldman, Ariel Polanco, Matt Raines, Jake Robertson, Flavio Romeo, David A. Russell, Jo Anne Sellers, and Di Zhu

AVENUE OF WONDER  | Open: 02/27/16 Close: 03/16/16
This winter, renowned Russian stage director Aleksey Burago brings to life the dark humor of Nikolai Gogol in Avenue of Wonder. One evening, while strolling along Nevsky Prospekt, the central avenue that remains to this day the main artery of St. Petersburg, a distraught artist and a brazen lieutenant encounter a mysterious prostitute and a young housewife. In their separate pursuits of the women through the labyrinths of side streets, courtyards and winding staircases, both men come to realize all is not what it seems on the glittery avenue. As the rational plane of life slant beneath their feet, these comic and self-deluding characters soon discover that between everything ordinary there is a crack and deep in the shadows, peering up, are the maddening fantasies of the human soul. This February, join the cast of The Russian Arts Theater & Studio at the historic Balcony Theater and experience the strange genius of Nikolai Gogol.

About the Company: The Russian Arts Theater & Studio
The Russian Arts Theater & Studio is an award-winning not-for-profit 501 (c) theater company founded with the mission to preserve, promote and cultivate Russian arts, culture and heritage in New York City through high-quality theatrical productions.

The Zeal of the Zealot  | Open: 09/13/12 Close: 09/22/12
A Festival of Fools is pleased to announce the world premiere of an original, full-length verse play: "The Zeal of the Zealot: Being the Tale in Which Impostor Finds His Faith" written by artistic director Timothy Bungeroth. The production is directed by Amanda Thompson.

The Indomitable Impostor (a primordial trickster spirit) returns to the stage in the concluding chapter of The Holy Thrillogy of modern verse plays, all written by Bungeroth and produced by A Festival of Fools.

We find Impostor, humbled and contrite, accounting for his past sins in a monastery and rejecting his previous devious ways. But a pair of bumbling, sexually ambiguous heralds (who appear only in his head) start meddling with his peaceful existence. They throw a saucy dame his way and watch the drama unfold as Impostor must decide between his true, irreverent nature and his new, imposed docility.

Will Impostor crumble under his guilt or triumph despite it? Can he listen to the voices in his head without going mad? Will the pontificating monks and horrified nuns stand in the way of his true love? Will those three sisters ever stop squabbling and will their Mother's hair ever finish drying? These questions and more will be answered, with robust bouts of sword fighting and general mayhem, set to an original score by Brian Kirchner.