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Todays Date: 11/26/22
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Address: 244 West 54th Street, 12th floor
New York, NY    10019

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THE GOODBYE ROOM  | Open: 03/03/16 Close: 03/19/16
A thoughtful family drama set in a quiet Midwestern town, "the goodbye room" follows the relationship between two estranged sisters, reunited to bury the dead. The sisters are joined by their father and a long-time family friend who each have a story to tell. With heartfelt simplicity, the play explores what we hide, what we share, and the individual nature of response to this most universal of human experiences. This timeless problem receives a delicate examination through a contemporary lens. Are grieving and moving forward two sides of the same coin?

Eric Gilde directs a cast of four, including Ellen Adair* (TV: recurring roles on NBC’s “The Slap,” HBO’s “Veep,” and ABC’s upcoming drama “The Family”) and Sarah Killough* (Bway: upcoming Long Day’s Journey Into Night; Off-Bway: Once Upon a Mattress with Transport Group), Michael Selkirk* (multiple productions as company member at WorkShop and Titan Theatre companies), and Geoffrey Murphy*(Bway: The Nance, War Horse; TV: “Orange is the New Black,” “The Blacklist”).
About the Company: Happy Few Theatre Company
"Our goal as a company is to create actor-driven theatre, which makes this play a great choice for our second production,” says Ellen Adair, co-Artistic Director of the company. “We always wanted our mission to include classical plays, new plays, and everything in between, but to tell those stories in ways that are dynamic and fresh, that are both timeless and have to do with where we are now—a ‘we’ that includes both the actors and the audience. the goodbye room is understated, but utterly true-to-life, sometimes sad, sometimes a little funny, but it’s really about family, about community, and what holds us together. We found a great collaborative way of working on our As You Like It, and we’re excited to bring that energy to a new play.”

How I Learned To Drive  | Open: 10/17/13 Close: 11/02/13
It's the 1960's and precocious teen Li'l Bit yearns to get out of her backwater Maryland town and dysfunctional family.  Only her Uncle Peck seems to take an interest in her development, starting with driving lessons.  Winner of the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for best drama.

About the Company: Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions

Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions mission is to produce thought-provoking comedies.  Founded in 2006, the company's more than 23 productions to date include The Mistakes Madeline Made, Our Town, Books on Tape (FringeNYC 2011), Dead White Males, Proof, Love Letters, Five Flights, Recent Tragic Events, and its ongoing festival of original solo works, the Plus One Solo Show Festival.

Animals Out Of Paper  | Open: 05/30/13 Close: 06/02/13
When a world-renowned origami artist opens her studio to a teenage prodigy and his school teacher, she discovers that life and love can't be arranged neatly in this drama about finding the perfect fold.

About the Company: Puffy Shirt Productions

no frills theatre.

Proof  | Open: 12/07/12 Close: 12/09/12
The 2001 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play returns to New York City for a limited engagement in an intimate staging. Proof tells the story of Catherine, a young woman who has inherited her father's brilliance, but perhaps also his mental instability. When her father dies and she reveals a secret she's kept for years, questions arise regarding mental stability, platonic and familial trust, and questioning our identities that we don't always fully comprehend.

Proof stars Hallie Peterson as Catherine, Katharine Tool as Claire, Luke Wise as Hal, and Skid Maher as Robert. The production features scenic design by Andrew Mannion, lighting design by Mitch Ost, costume design by Abbey Steere, and sound design by Gala Lok.

Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."  | Open: 09/13/12 Close: 09/16/12
Four Catholic schoolboys find a copy of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." As each student takes on the various roles, realities emerge from the text that not only mirror their own lives, but reveal deeper hidden truths.

Chad Hensley as Student 1
Aaron Matteson as Student 2
Eric Brown as Student 3
Owen Scott as Student 4

Directed by Christine Kahler
Produced by Aleeza Lew