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Todays Date: 06/28/22
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Address: 221 West 46 Street
New York, NY    10036

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How To Be A New Yorker  | Open: 08/22/12 Close: 08/29/12

You too can experience the privilege, respect and air of superiority enjoyed by millions who call themselves New Yorkers. But it requires training, even if you were born here. Let us show you how to develop the instincts for disdainful glances, peevish muttering and innate rudeness that distinguish true New Yorkers. Under the direction of OBIE Award winner Robert Ross Parker, the hilarious new comedyHOW TO BE A NEW YORKER shows audiences everything they ever needed to know about what it takes to be a real New Yorker, or at least not stand out as a tourist. Actors/Comedians and licensed NYC tour guides, Margaret Copeland and Kevin James Doyle, take you on a whirlwind comedic romp filled with stories from the world’s largest landfill in Staten Island to the home of the Bronx Bombers. All this, and lunch too, for only $45 at Sofia’s Downstairs. Full Italian lunch is catered by Sophia’s Ristorante Italiano - a NYC tradition. Whether you’re a local, transplant or tourist, HOW TO BE A NEW YORKER is fun for everyone!


Set design for HOW TO BE A NEW YORKER is by Nick Francone, with costume design by Janell Clingenpeel.

How To Be A New Yorker  | Open: 08/22/12 Close: 08/29/12
Being a New Yorker is not just about a city; it’s a badge of honor, so come earn yours! Take a laugh filled tour around the greatest city in the world with actors, comedians and licensed tour guides Margaret Copeland and Kevin James Doyle as they play over 60 characters. Under the direction of OBIE Award winner Robert Ross Parker, this “Saturday Night Live” style comedy features a hilarious look at NYC's 400 year history. Immigrants, construction workers, muggers, Wall Street bankers, panhandlers, MTA workers, and Mayor Bloomberg all get a solid lampooning! It doesn't matter if you were born on the Upper West Side or just took your first terrifying cab ride, you will love learning How to Be a New Yorker.