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Address: 5818 Harold Way
Hollywood, CA    90028

Phone: 323-661-4737
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Only 12 seats per performance. Advance purchase a must.

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Caffe Cino: Birthplace Of Gay Theatre  | Open: 08/01/12 Close: 08/09/12

PIONEER GAY PLAYWRIGHT Robert Patrick ("Kennedy's Children") with 300 large, rare photographs traces the course of the iconic Caffe Cino (1958-1968) from its rise through revolutionary drama to its fall from success and drugs.

THE CAFFE CINO was where the creators of "Hair," "Jesus Christ, Superstar," "Dreamgirls," "Talley's Folly," and "Six Degrees of Separation" first worked. Actors like Al Pacino, Bernadette Peters, and Sam Shepard trained there. And there was a magical fairyland of Bohemian eccentrics who were stars and celebrities in an Oz-like land called "Off-Off Broadway." They changed theatre forever.

ROBERT PATRICK was doorman at the Caffe Cino and tells both professional, personal, and poetic secrets about a unique and unforgettable cast of characters.

AFTER THE ONE-HOUR LECTURE, viewers are invited to remain for an hour of coffee and casual conversation with Mister Patrick. The lecture has been a great success at One Institute, Pomona College in Claremont,The West Hollywood Arts and Culture Festival, The Davidson/Valenti Theatre at the LGBT Village, and the California Mens Gathering in Malibu.

A DVD of the lecture wil be available for purchase at the theatre, or may be purchased at