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The 22nd Annual 10x10 Showcase  | Open: 08/02/12 Close: 08/05/12
In ten short plays written by Houston playwrights, audiences will stand on the verge of death, watch others throw their old lives away, observe chaos and technology collide, marvel at the expanse of a bodily reaction, see reality TV get too real and laugh in the face of catastrophe and politics as usual.

Those are the plots at the core of the annual 10x10 Showcase that will be staged by Scriptwriters/Houston, an organization of playwrights, Aug. 2-5 at Country Playhouse. The showcase for years has provided the finest sampling of theatre works written by area playwrights that the Bayou City has to offer. This year’s production brings together more than 50 playwrights, directors, actors and other theatre professionals from across the city.

The production also features eight original monologues by Steve Carpentier, Rachel Dickson, Pressley Giles, Gail Greenberg, Eric C. Jones, Jane Keep, Pat Morgan and Denise O'Neal performed by LeeAnne Denny, Ananka Kohnitz, Elise Razavi and Karen Schlag.

The ten selected plays are:

1) JUST LIKE THAT by Joe Barnes
Directed by Karen Schlag

Have you ever wondered what it would be like simply to walk away from your life? In “Just Like That,” the middle-aged Bill wants to do precisely that. But first he has to persuade his rival , Eric, to trade places with him..

Starring: Sam Smith, Anthony Torres and Michael Weems

2) MAP OF THE ATOMS OF THE UNIVERSE by Nicholas Garelick
Directed by Laura Schlecht

Order and chaos collide as two friends fight over the fate of the greatest technological masterpiece ever created, one that could change the nature of their relationship and the entire universe with it.

Starring: Cindy Parker and Ozzy Tirmizi

3) DECISION 59 BC by Lauren Tunnell
Directed by L. Robert Westeen

Over two thousand years ago, Cato,Rome’s most established statesman battles it out with an up and comer for the highest elected office in the land. It just goes to show that nothing ever changes in politics.

Starring: Mary Faler, Alex Lambert, Julio Morales and Eddie Rodriguez

Directed by Pressley Giles

What happens when who you are clashes with everyone's expectations for you - even your own? Jennifer Waters is about to find out...

Starring: John Kaiser, Elise Razavi, Linda Razavi, Marc Shellum, Rebecca Tepper and Samantha Walker

5) AS WE KNEW IT by L. Robert Westeen
Directed by Erica Smith

Every person is bonded by two definite common experiences - birth and death. Walls crumble, buildings fall and cultures vanish. Lives are linked and stories repeated. It is AS WE KNEW IT.

Starring: Marq Del Monte, Alejandro Martinez, Melissa Mumper and Tricia Yurcak

6) SHE'S BOUND TO KNOW by Michael Weems
Directed by Sam Martinez

Jessica and Mandy, best friends for life, have embarked on a new life together. A random road trip completes their journey of tossing their previous lives aside. The only problem: This is news to the bound and abandoned Mandy.

Starring: Kelly Engler and Amesti Reioux

Directed by Lauren Tunnell

A private detective tracks down a young woman who may be heir to a fortune. It all depends on her own confused sense of identity.

Starring: Marq Del Monte, Billy Dorsey and Erin Elizabeth Reed

8) DO OR DIE by Steve Stewart
Directed by Manning Mpinduz-Mott

The finalist for America's newest singing competition television show suddenly has a very big decision to make - and it's not which song to sing. See what happens when reality collides with TV ratings...

Starring: Marcos Mena, Steve Stewart, Eric Thompson and Gabriel Velazquez

9) BODY POLITICS by Jim Bain
Directed by Elvin Moriarty

What happens within that split second from when a MAN "hits" his shin on a file cabinet until he "feels" the terrible pangs of pain? Just watch the dramatic reactions of those colorful characters: Shin, Eyes, Stomach, Heart, Brain and Nerve.

Starring: Billy Dorsey, Christy Jimmerson, Derek Lanphier, Cindy Parker, Eddie Rodriguez, Ozzy Tirmizi and Kaitlyn Walker

10) A BAG OF ICE by Fernando Dovalina
Directed by Steve Carpentier

Just before a hurricane strikes Houston, an angry and bitter woman visits a convenience store in a seedy part of town in search of the most precious commodity of all, the last surviving bag of ice in town, and she will do anything--anything!--to get her hands on it.

Starring: Jada August, Steve Kobrin, J.R. Marshall and Megan Nix

About the Company: Scriptwriters/Houston

Scriptwriters/Houston is the oldest and longest running writers group in Houstonthat seeks to further the cause and interest in professional scriptwriting and theatre through critiques, educational programs, workshops, seminars, and the production of the works of our members.