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Shalom Dammit! An Evening With Rabbi Sol Solomon  | Open: 07/31/12 Close: 08/12/12
TotalTheater Productions proudly announces the return of "SHALOM DAMMIT! An Evening with Rabbi Sol Solomon," to NYC. Rabbi Sol will spend two glorious weeks at midtown Manhattan's Roy Arias Theater Center, 300 West 43rd Street (8th Avenue).

Conceived, co-written and directed by Dave Lefkowitz and starring Rabbi Sol Solomon, "SHALOM DAMMIT!" offers the Rabbi's wit and wisdom on such topics as world religions, intolerance, prayer, the Middle East and other aspects of modern Jewish life. Punctuating the Rabbi's hilarious sermon will be such songs as "Then You're Jewish," "I Know What Goys Like" and "When Jewish is What You Are."

Joining Rabbi Sol onstage once again will be musical director Richard Shore. Bill Bradford is the stage manager.

The performance schedule for SHALOM DAMMIT! is:
Tues-Sat 7pm, Wed & Sat 2pm, Sun 1pm & 5:30pm.
Running time: 2 hrs.
Parental caution: adult themes, strong language and pervasive Jewishness.
Open seating is on a "first-come, first-disturbed" basis.
Information: 970-405-3077

More about Rabbi Sol:

Says Rabbi Sol about Shalom Dammit!: "Much like Moses returning to Pharoah with extra plagues, my joyful spirit compels me to share my jokes, sermons and songs with New York. And remember this show is not just for Jewish people! Everyone is welcome. We just ask that gentiles use the side entrance and don't touch anything. But seriously, so much of life involves pain, suffering and discomfort, what's another hour or two?"

Rabbi Sol Solomon (Himself) is the spiritual leader of Temple Sons of Bitches in Great Neck, New York. Despite the valiant efforts of programming directors and city governments, Rabbi Sol continues to appear on numerous radio stations and make personal appearances wherever there's free food. His Rabbinical Reflections air weekly on UNC Radio's Dave's Gone By and are then archived on Youtube and A learned scholar and a thrilling kvetch, Rabbi Sol's hobbies include burping and pain management. The Rebbe dedicates this evening to his dear wife, Miriam Libby, and their 21 mostly beautiful children.

Dave Lefkowitz (Co-creator) is the host of Dave's Gone By on UNC Radio (, the co-publisher of Performing Arts Insider theater journal, and the founder of Dave's plays include Kandide (winner Lee Korf Award and produced by The Original Theater Works, L.A.), The Triple Wedding, and the one-acts The Sky is Calling, Human Error, King Solomon the Wise and the oft-produced Blind Date. A collection of his plays, "Marriage, Babies & the End of the World," was published by Holvoe Books, St. Petersburg, and his theater writing has appeared in BackStage, Playbill, Show Business and Entertainment Weekly. As a performer, he hosted " Live" at the Player's Theater. Dave's monthly theater column appears in Long Island Pulse, and he has written numerous cover stories for Long Island Woman magazine.

Richard Shore (Musical Director) once considered entering the rabbinate until he met Sol Solomon. After many lengthy discussions with the great tzadik, he now works happily in the theater and academia. Among his many accomplishments, Richard has been music director for Fiddler on the Roof six times.

Acclaim for the show's March 2012 New York debut:

"Rabbi Sol was great. Very courageous. Golden words. The truth and nothing but the truth." (theater critic Mario Fratti)

"I loved it. Rabbi Sol was funny and thoughtful and naughty . . . he even seemed a little dangerous. What a real live performance is about." (audience member Betsy)

"Sit back and enjoy because Shalom Dammit! with its ebullient, angry, opinionated, outspoken, supremely self-confident leader, is hilarious." (theater critic Elizabeth Ahlfors)

"A monster. The piece has stayed with me liked a corned beef sandwich . . . for more days than I care to admit." (entertainment publicist Beck Lee)

"Profound. I'm coming back a second time." (audience member Dustin)

TotalTheater Productions is the parent company of, Performing Arts Insider and the radio program, Dave's Gone By. Shalom Dammit! received a workshop at the University of Northern Colorado's Norton Theater in Nov. 2011 and a developmental staging at NYC's Richmond Shepard Theater in March 2012.

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