Joria Mainstage Theatre

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 11/23/13 01:40:32 PM
Address: 260 West 36th Street
New York, NY    10018

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The eight reindeer monologues  | Open: 11/30/13 Close: 12/21/13
 Tired of Christmas Carol and Nutcracker? Here’s a holiday play for those who like their comedy like they like their christmas chocolate - dark and sweet.

Scandal erupts at the North Pole when one of Santa's eight tiny reindeer accuses him of sexual harassment.

After performing in multiple productions of The Eight Reindeer Monologues with Chicago's critically acclaimed Journeymen Theater Co., Artistic Pride Production’s Artistic Director, Anthony Wills Jr., brings his take on this hilarious comedy by Jeff Goode to New York audiences. Jack Helbig of The Chicago Reader raved that Journeymen director Frank Pullen makes "this Santa send-up both outrageous and touching” Following in the footsteps of Pullen, Anthony Wills mines the piece for its comedy while adding his own dark twist. This production is expertly played by a troupe of actors who are not only funny but also bring out the often subtle complexity of playwright Joe Goode's characters.

Not only is this show a welcome change from your typical holiday fair, but Artistic Pride Productions presents the show in an all new format. Their production stars company members Ben Curtis, Matthew Hardy, Anthony Wills Jr. and a rotating cast of guest artists including ...Rocio Mendez, Anna Wilson, Craig Zisel, Sophia Loren Coffee, Ryan Duncan, Anna Rahn, William Mowbray, Stephen Tenner, Cassie Fireman, Thomas Martin, Tanesha Ford and more! Each performance is a new experience with actors playing different roles on different nights. This play is so hilariously entertaining you just might want to see it again and again. Sexual misconduct in the work place...drunken Santa....corporate scandal cover up...flying reindeer....what better way to spend a night at the theater!!!

The Eight Reindeer Monologues also marks the first production with APPs new managing Director, Ben Curtis. In it’s second year Artistic Pride Productions is a collective of Artists who create opportunities for some of the best artists working regionally, and across the country to work with their favorite peers. 

Pussyfest Redux  | Open: 02/09/13 Close: 02/10/13
Acted by:

Lindsey Austen. Virginia Baeta. Dana Berger. Becca Blackwell. Becky Byers. Hanna Cheek. Louiza Collins. Leah Dietrich. Susan Ferrara. Kim Gainer. Zoe Geltman. Ana Grosse. Lauren Hennessy. Homa Hynes. Sarah E. Jacobs. Sheila Joon. Yeauxlanda Kay. Jocelyn Kuritsky. Catherine LeFrere. Sarah Lemp. Parker Leventer. Joey Liao. Sevrin Anne Mason. Sarah Matteucci. Allyson Morgan. Romy Nordlinger. Diana Oh. Briana Packen. Laura Ramadei. Stacey Raymond. Emily Rupp. Elizabeth Seldin. Sarah Shaefer. Chet Siegel. Samantha Soule. Diana Stahl. Alexis Thomason. Sarah Todes. Anna Van Valin. Kristen Vaughan. Miranda Wilson. .

Written by:

Rob Askins. Micheline Auger. Kari Bentley-Quinn. Emily Bohannon. J. Stephen Brantley. Zack Calhoon. Ruben Carbajal. Nat Cassidy. J. Julian Christopher. Alexis Clements. James Comtois. Josh Conkel. Cecilia Copeland. Fernanda Coppel. Kim Davies. Libby Emmons. Susan Ferrara. Cynthia Flowers. Zoe Geltman. Lucy Gillespie. Yeauxlanda Kay. Jenny Lane. David Lawson. Brandon Marianne Lee. Judith Leora. Mariah MacCarthy. Maya Macdonald. Daniel McCoy. Nicole Pandolfo. Marisel Polanco. Mac Rogers. Christine J. Schmidt. August Schulenberg. Louise Schwarz. Elizabeth Seldin. Sarah Shaefer. Diana Stahl. Tatiana Suarez-Pico. Daniel Talbott. Jona Tarlin. Leah Nanako Winkler.

Directed by:

Heather Cohn. Nic Grelli. Sherri Kronfeld. Kyle Metzger. Christina Roussos. Leta Tremblay. Nicole Watson. Jordana Williams.

Music and Ukeladies courtesy of:

Diana Oh. Emily Rupp. Reema Zaman. Jody Christopherson and the Vagina Choir.


Joria Studios.
260 West 36th Street, 3rd floor.
February 9 & 10, 8pm


Halloween Hullabaloo  | Open: 10/26/12 Close: 10/31/12
HALLOWEEN HULLABALOO is a hilarious, fast-paced musical revue chock full of terrifyingly brilliant satirical skits and songs about insecure monsters, obese vampires, candy cornaholics, feisty pumpkins, beauty-obsessed monstresses and more. 

Arrangements and orchestrations by Sarah Brett England. Musical direction by Julianne Merrill.

HALLOWEEN HULLABALOO made its debut simultaneously in New York City and Carbondale, Pennsylvania in 2010. Roy Sander, NY columnist & critic hailed it as "Entertaining, delightful silliness! Funny bones will be tickled!" The show will make its return to New York City this October. Los Angeles, Carbondale, Pennsylvania and Longmont, Colorado productions are also in the works. 

A recording of the songs from HALLOWEEN HULLABALOO is available for purchase online on iTunes as well as at and at beginning October 1, 2012.

Cinderella  | Open: 09/30/12 Close: 10/07/12
Join Cinderella and her sister Squash as they try to find true love in New York City, find forgiveness, and learn to let go of the past. This interactive, fun filled musical adaptation is sure to delight the whole family and give you an unforgettable theatrical experience!!


Resilient Soul  | Open: 09/22/12 Close: 09/22/12
Resilient Soul is a dance production that will take place in Manhattan at the Joria MainStage Theater on September 22, 2012. The Performers are dance soul sisters and the topic is the SOUL. People face so much adversity in this world. A diagnosis of dis-ease, a battle with abuse, an ongoing struggle in the mind, yet somehow we still shine, somehow we persevere, somehow we find a way to bounce back. We are in our true nature resilient and able to rise above and work through any circumstance. This production will use a series of dance suites to explore what it means for a soul to function in this physical world and the transformative power of art in all it's forms. Guest choreographers/performers include Gloria Harris (The GraceProject), Myrena Sint Jago (Liberata Dance Theatre, Inc.), Tendaye Kuumba, Monica Franklin, Ebony Ruffin, and Nykie Gibbs.


Peter Pan In The Big Apple  | Open: 07/28/12 Close: 07/28/12
A reinvisioned, modern musical adaptation of the classic story