The Players Theatre

Todays Date: 04/01/23
Last Update: 03/17/23 05:21:51 AM
Address: 115 MacDougal St.
New York, NY    10012

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Bringer of Doom: a world premiere comedy  | Open: 04/06/23 Close: 04/23/23
A daring, debauched, and (at times) otherworldly comedy written by Joe Thristino, and a 2022 Finalist for the Ambassador Theatre Group’s Playwright’s Prize, there are evenings that get out of hand... and then there's Bringer of Doom. With a surprise visit from her estranged, despised mother and her mother's young lover on tap, Lotte enlists an alcoholic ex-stand-up comedian, Demetrius, to brutally "roast" the maligned pair at dinner. As the night ensues, however, even darker ulterior motives come to light and events take a madcap, morbid turn that nobody saw coming. Mark Koenig directs a cast of four, including Peter Kendall, Jed Peterson, Bridget Ann White, and Bimini Wright.

"Bringer of Doom is a comedy about family, relationships, and existential dilemmas," said director Mark Koenig. "It will take its audience to an unexpected, satisfying place - laughing all the while - and make you ask yourself, 'When is it okay to be okay?'"

Khan!!! The musical!: A Parody Trek-tacular  | Open: 05/04/23 Close: 06/04/23
It is 2366, and Data the android presents his campy musical adaptation of The Wrath of Khan.