St. John's Lutheran Church

Todays Date: 06/30/22
Last Update: 10/01/15 11:39:50 AM
Address: 155 Milton St.
Brooklyn, NY    11222

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Fright Night!  | Open: 10/27/15 Close: 12/22/15
Come in out of the cold and enter into the darkness of The Sanctuary, where, lit by flickering candlelight, the award-winning, critically acclaimed Radiotheatre ... now in its 11th Year... presents its ever-changing repertoire of terror tales guaranteed to raise the hair on the back of your neck and chill the marrow in your bones! Complete with its stellar cast, original orchestral scores and a plethora of sound FX! Just bring your imagination! OCT 27, 30 - BERENICE, THE SCREAMING SKULL, THE CURSE OF YIG NOV 10, 24 - MORELLA, FROM BEYOND, TERROR ISLAND DEC 1, 15, 22 - THE BIRDS, THE MONKEY'S PAW, THE DEMON LOVER, ALL SOULS EVE
BINGO at Animamus Art Salon 13 May 2012!!  | Open: 05/13/12 Close: 05/13/12
Animamus Art Salon invites you to celebrate Mother's Day by dressing as your favorite elderly relative (living or dead) playing BINGO in the basement of St. John's Lutheran Church, at 155 Milton Street, and gathering for this month's salon on 13 May, 2012 from 7-11 p.m.! Animamus provides a safe, supportive environment for artists of all mediums to debut and discuss their current work while encouraging audience participation. Monthly curated traveling salons create temporary communities where artists can exchange ideas amongst the peers and the public in NYC.
Animamus Art Salon will feature the work of artists, Laura Bernstein, Ari Dallas, Shir Lieberman, Ben McKelahan, The Desktop Project, Taylor Spong, and Yoshiaki Takao. Mixing up the mediums will be Marcy Arlin of The Immigrant Theater Project reading new works, performance by contortionist The Amazing Amy, a preview of couture men's wears by Ferris Clothiers, a talk on self love by Laura Lee Gulledge and Audiosmut, and a special delicacy prepared by Chef Anne Apparu! In addition to the performances and presentations we will also tour the church's sanctuary!
Please visit for Animamus information. For more information regarding this event email