Westbeth Community Center

Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 05/04/12 10:22:46 AM

Address: 155 Bank St.
New York, NY    10014

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Moonbite...a Medley Of Radiant Lunacy  | Open: 05/18/12 Close: 05/20/12
A playful, eccentric 80 minute romp starring Noni Connor, Ariana Johns, Winston Noel, Chelsea Roach, Victor Truro and Peter Welch. Written and directed by Ariana Johns, the comic vignettes include scenes written with John TenEyck, Ariana's fellow Idiot in the comedy duo, Too Idiots. "A great show...the 60 minutes flew by, and I found myself wanting more"ActorNation Magazine