chashama in Long Island City

Todays Date: 06/29/22
Last Update: 07/20/12 04:35:52 PM
Address: 26-15 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY   

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between 44th Dr. and 43rd Ave.; Subway: E, M, 7 and G to Court Square

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A Child's Drawing Of A Monster  | Open: 07/12/12 Close: 07/21/12
Godzilla, Patti Page and Transgender Cowboys

Six mind blowing plays by experimental playwright Erik Ehn. Performed in an abandoned taxi garage in Long Island City in conjunction with chashama.

  • A Child’s Drawing of a Monster: A Prince is born into an ordinary abusive family.
  • Equiprobabilism: About a young woman who becomes a cowboy bank robber.
  • Buttonwillow: About a glassblower who makes a child of glass.
  • One Eye Gone: A Scientist/Doctor battles a monster while searching for love.
  • Medusachrist: A young man wrestles with his family’s indiscretions while Thanksgiving takes place on the moon.
  • Patti Page: A young woman working in a factory finds solace in the music of Patti Page.
Romeo & Juliet -- Performed By Four Actors  | Open: 05/19/12 Close: 06/10/12

Politics, passion, money, revenge, rebellion, deceit, and ten tons of love provide the powder keg of Empirical Rogue’s inventive take on Romeo and Juliet. The site-specific, immersive production unfolds from the moment  audience members step inside the abandoned garage, formerly Moe’s Taxi, in Long Island City.  A Romeo and Juliet so clear and relevant, you'll think it's your family teetering on the brink, your friends in mortal danger, your greatest love affair.

Four actors – Jacob Martin (Romeo), Susannah Hoffman (Juliet, Mercutio), Sarah Baskin (Nurse, Tybalt, Paris) and Doug Chapman (Friar, Benvolio) – perform all of the roles in the classic play. Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in such a way that the majority of it can be played with only four actors. Doing so reveals a major structural metaphor: political decisions, like romantic and family decisions, are made by small groups of powerful people, making choices in real time, based on the information they have at hand.

Empirical Rogue is a new theater company comprised of of MFA alums of the A.R.T./MXAT Institute at Harvard.

Production Designer: Dante Olivia Smith
Associate Production Designer: Adam Fujita
Costume Designer: Summer Lee Jack
Music Director: Rebecca Bernard
Fight Director: Shad Ramsey
Stage Manager: Edward Kyle
Assistant Stage Manager: Keri Taylor
Assistant Stage Manager: Emilyn Kowaleski, Sarah Segal-Lazar, Oren Stevens

About the Company: Empirical Rogue

EMPIRICAL ROGUE fosters unity and understanding through theater. We facilitate change in the world through art, arts education, and arts outreach.
EMPIRICAL ROGUE creates and performs theater that arises from the aesthetic demands and potentials of new and classical texts. With our audiences in New York and the larger world, we explore the extremes of human behavior through stories of lasting relevance. We form innovative arts education and arts outreach partnerships and collaborations with members of the communities where we produce our work.