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New York, NY    10019

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stbdance - Becquerel  | Open: 04/25/14 Close: 04/25/14
Please Join STBDANCE in NEW YORK CITY for the premiere of, "BECQUEREL".

"BECQUEREL", is a physical response to the events surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, 1986. While not a literal translation of Chernobyl, "BECQUEREL" embodies the fear of radiation poisoning and the delay in notification to the people of Chernobyl and neighboring Pripyat. "BECQUEREL" hopes to evoke some of the unknown physical consequences, loss of relationships, inability to disconnect from an environment, and trying to rid the body of radiation without scientific knowledge and understanding.

STBDANCE company:

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Shawn T Bible


Amanda Blauer
Stacey Cable
Emily Craver
Satomi Itohara
Katie Mattar
Lauren McCarthy
Kaitlyn Pollock
Annie Saeugling
Leanne Smith


Flowing Forward  | Open: 11/28/12 Close: 11/28/12
Hope you're well in the post Sandy weather.

You are cordially invited to a fall showcase of DANCE IQUAIL's new works-in-progress featuring work by Christopher Ralph, Ja'Mailk & our Executive Artistic Director Iquail Shaheed.

This event will also include live music performed by students of the Juilliard School in selections by John Coltrane, Stevie Wonder & Gil Scott Heron.

its certainly going to be a GREAT time not to be missed.


Dark Chapters  | Open: 09/21/12 Close: 09/22/12
DARK CHAPTERS is an evening of contemporary dance featuring the VON HOWARD PROJECT, under the direction of Christian von Howard.

This evening-length performance showcases a collection of Mr. von Howard's work along with Guest Choreographer Elizabeth Gillaspy and an original score by Dance Composer Marc S. Langelier.

DARK CHAPTERS is an assemblage of five movement stories - explorations of the human experience conceived by choreographer and Artistic Director Christian von Howard. This evening-length program of collected works from the company's repertory reflects on themes ranging from the historical imagining of von Howard's ancestry during the Victorian Age to present-day personal and physically driving interpersonal relationships. DARK CHAPTERS is inspired by the emotional and temporal sensations of the mind and body; its passions and appetites.

The performances feature an impeccable ensemble of performing talent from the VON HOWARD PROJECT's dynamic cast of New York dance artists, which includes company member Ellenore Scott, Season 6 finalist from So You Think You Can Dance, as well as the beautiful skill and grace of current and former dancers from Ailey II.

Artistic Director: Christian von Howard
Guest Artists: Elizabeth Gillaspy (Choreographer) and Marc S. Langelier (Composer)
Lighting Designers: Michael Jarett, Roma Flowers
Performers: Elizabeth Alvarez, Corrine Bates, Beth Brandt, Courtney Cook, Felix Cruz, Jasmine Domfort, AJ Guevara, Ryan Houston, Whitney Hubbard, Youthen Joseph, Christina Carlotti Kolb, Aqura Lacey, Nikolai McKenzie, Allison Meyer, Major Nesby, Kim Palmer, Kaila Pettus, Allison Ploor, Autumn Proctor, Emily Reynolds, Courtney Sauls, Ellenore Scott, Ryan Smith, De'Anthony Vaughan, Christian von Howard, Elizabeth Washington, Rohnie D. Williams, Sharrod Williams


American Dance Guild Performance Festival 2012
Th-Sun September 6-9, 2012
Presenting 34 Contemporary Dance Companies from U.S. and International
Honoring Master Dance Artists ELAINE SUMMERS and DIANNE McINTYRE
Gala Reception following Thursday night performance

Location: Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre/The Joan Weill Center for Dance
405 West 55th Street (at 9th Avenue) Midtown Manhattan


Concluding performance by our 2012 Summer Intensive Pre-Professional students presenting classical ballet repertoire taught by our distinguished faculty; Gelsey Kirkland, Michael Chernov, Lyubov Fominich, Alexandra Lawler, Nikolay Levitsky, Vera Solovyeva, Karina Elver, Pilar Garcia, and Varvara Kalinin.


The Crooked  | Open: 05/30/12 Close: 05/30/12
The Crooked is an evening length piece directed and choreographed by Matthew Flatley and Robert Vail that illustrates the lifestyle of an isolated, quirky commune comprised of intensely off kilter villagers. Depicted by a consuming cast of 16, we are introduced to a vast array of characters in their efforts to co-exist and work as one to keep their society in motion. An original score performed by live musicians accompanies the villagers as the harmonious glue of their society begins to peel away as an unknown threat seeps into their sacred way of life. The Crooked takes the audience on a journey of wit and intrigue that morphs into a haunting, and desperate tale of the preservation of existence.