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Todays Date: 06/29/22
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Lemon Cake  | Open: 05/25/12 Close: 05/27/12
On Rose's ninth birthday, her mother presents her with a lemon cake shellacked with thick chocolate buttercream icing. Biting into her first piece, she discovers that she has an unwelcome super power: she can taste the feelings of the person who prepared her food. Immersed in the delicate union of sour and sweet, sunshine and cocoa, she tastes a black hole of sadness the color of the bags under her mother's eyes. Her ability continues, meal after meal, and Rose is catapulted into a gastronomical journey as she unwillingly peeks into the inner life of her family and discovers secrets long since buried.

This developmental workshop production of Lemon Cake is crafted as sensory theatre, which is theatre that you can smell (think arty smell-o-vision), touch and taste as well as see and hear. This theatrical, multimedia and culinary event is a reinvention of Aimee Bender's newest novel, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.