Roy Arias Stage IV Theatre

Todays Date: 07/02/22
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Address: 300 W. 43rd St.
New York, NY    10036

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Panic At The Riverside Motel  | Open: 01/15/14 Close: 02/08/14
Soon to-be newlyweds Jake and Kaitlin are in over their heads with their upcoming lavish wedding. At the end of their financial rope, and fresh out of options, this ordinary couple resorts to an unthinkable solution.  With help from Kaitlin’s gangster brother, Billy, the pair finds themselves at the seedy Riverside Motel, where they intend to sell $50,000 worth of cocaine to a potential buyer. But when this already uneasy plan unravels horrifically, their desperation for a payoff pales in comparison to what they now must deal with.  This misfit pair copes with the unscrupulous Billy to clean up their mess, the possible ruination of their lavish wedding, and an idiotic detective.  Can they survive the aftermath of a plan that has gone horribly awry? Or is the dead guy the lucky one?

Maria Riboli directs a cast of five, including Olivia Rose Barresi, Tom Burka, Tom Cappadona, Thom Christensen, and Michael Orlandi. 

Madame Bovary - A Musical  | Open: 05/17/13 Close: 06/02/13
Passajj Productions will present Madame Bovary - a musical, based on the novel by Gustave Flaubert, at Roy Arias Stage IV, beginning May 17, 2013. Marlene Thorn Taber will direct this musical adaptation by renowned composer and lyricist Paul Dick. Hayley Hoffmeister will portray Emma Bovary and Roger Rathburn is cast in the role of Charles Bovary. Madame Bovary - a musical brings to life Flaubert's characters as they transition from youthful romanticism to mature reality except for Emma Bovary. This is the story of her passion.


Three Isn't A Couple  | Open: 07/20/12 Close: 07/22/12
Could you choose between someone who knows you and someone who wants you when you're in love with both?

For one woman, having a relationship with a friend with benefits and a potential boyfriend may have its perks, but now she must decide who to devote her life to. Can she choose to be with only one of them when neither man wants to share her anymore?

From Marc L Abbott, the writer and director of A Gamble of Faith, comes a new play about the frustration of love, the thin line between lovers and friends, and inevitable heartbreak that comes with the realization that Three Isn't a Couple.