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Playthings Gala Concert: Dream True  | Open: 06/18/12 Close: 06/18/12
The Playthings Theatre, is a production company devoted to bringing classic and contemporary Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (GLBT) works to the stage. Playthings believes the best place to explore the GLBT culture is on the stage where the vibrancy and elegance of sexuality's roots can be explored in artistic and entertaining ways. The quality work of entertainment created by the company will strive to be the best that the GLBT community has to offer toNew York Cityand beyond. Playthings' goal is creating consistently effective and affecting plays and musicals that celebrate the GLBT community's complex roots. We will illustrate GLBT playwrights' unique contribution to the world's theatrical canon.

Dream True is a story about Peppy Cody, Vernon Dexter, and their two widowed mothers all who live on a ranch in Wyoming.

Peppy is sent to New York by his Mother to live with his wealthy Uncle, in hope that he'll have a successful life living as an Emmons. In their desperation to remain friends Peppy, and Vernon make a pact to stay together through their dreams by dreaming true.

Many years later in New York, Peppy, now known as Peter Emmons, encounters his childhood friend Vernon. They find that dreaming true indeed is possible, and begin to share their lives that they once dreamed.