One Arm Red

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 04/03/12 06:19:13 PM
Address: 10 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY    11201

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F train to York Street Make a right onto Jay street. Walk 4 blocks. 10 Jay street is the last building to the left on the water. A modern American myth about the resurrection of George Washington

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The Resurrection Of George  | Open: 04/20/12 Close: 04/29/12
• New York premiere of a new American play
• Political theatre for an absurdist era
• Cutting-edge performance space in DUMBO,
right on the water
• 7th original piece by visionary playwright
• Featuring an original rock-and-roll score performed live
• Creators include alum from Lincoln Center Director's Lab, Ecole Jacques Lecoq, and NYU's Experimental Theatre Wing

Drawing inspiration from tabloid-TV, religious fanaticism, and late 80's heavy metal, The Resurrection of George takes aim at the unseen forces guiding our nation. Dale and Ed are honest and hard-working men who enjoy the simple pleasures of small-town life. But they are swept into a hallucinatory quest for the soul of the country when the resurrected first president appears with visions of an “all-seeing eye” that controls the fate of America. Pursued by truth-seeker/talk-show host Marsha Monroe, they struggle to uncover the mystery behind George's appearance and secrets of their own identity.

Praise for the Creative Team

"Leah Bonvissuto stages an extraordinary production that seamlessly transitions from scene to scene and still keeps the audience engaged. Her creative vision, Jane Austin meets "The Matrix," is fully realized and works sublimely...” - Bryan Stryker, Stage Buzz

"So very smart and entertaining... Have U Seen My Soul? is a terrific example of how alive the theater scene is outside of Manhattan." - Robin Reed,

Genesis of the Show
The Resurrection of George began as a short story evoking the singularity of American identity. What drives our urge to create unity from diversity? Why are certain personas beheld as “self-evident?” Writer Harold Lehmann became fascinated with the iconography of George Washington interacting with other symbols from the American Dream. A script emerged and Lehmann sought out Director Leah Bonvissuto to bring fresh perspective and realize this visual language. Bonvissuto collected a dynamic team of performers and designers to create a cacophony of rock-n-roll, pop-art projection, and performances inspired by clowning and viewpoints work among other styles. The result is a hypnotic contrast that chases something real in the surreal heart of this American Myth.

Cast and Crew
Directed by:
Leah Bonvissuto
Written by:
Harold Lehmann
Adam Belvo (George Washingon); Amy Gironda (Marsha Monroe); Neil Magnuson (Ed); Alexander Kipp (Diner Guy); Harold Lehmann (Dale)
Music Written and Performed by:
Richard Lehmann, Sergio Perez.
Ashley Rose Horton (Costume),
Katie Kline (Photography), Ryan Metzler (Lights).
Crew: Christopher Petrinovic (Stage Manager)

About the Company: One Arm Red

One Arm Red: One Arm Red began in D.U.M.B.O (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) Brooklyn, in 1999. One Arm Red opened its doors to the community, providing a performance space for unique voices to be heard. Presentations included a variety of dance, plays, music-theatre, concerts, circus works, puppetry, multi-media performances, and film screenings.
One Arm Red’s Founder and Artistic Director Adam Adams’ mission is interdisciplinary collaboration between performing and visual artists. One Arm Red’s multi-purpose performance space offers a home for artists with an intense desire for community and exploring new ways of fostering audience participation.