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Version 6 ... We Are The Stories We Tell  | Open: 04/20/12 Close: 04/22/12

Performed in Spanish and Guarani (Paraguay’s indigenous language), VERSION 6 is a theatrical exploration of Identity, who we are as human beings and how our identity is created through the stories that mark our lives. Looking at the stories we tell and the stories we hide especially stories of love, death, friendship, betrayal, distance, separation, spirituality, finding the true moment of happiness, violence, sexuality and more.  As reviewed by ABC, a newspaper in Asunción, “Reflecting life itself, the stories they tell are dramatic or festive, deep or superficial; either way, essentially human. There’s a touching humanity that emerges from the work, a precise limit, not too much drama or lack of comedy.”


VERSION 6 … somos las historias que contamos

Directed by PAOLA IRÚN

Ensemble                                Natalia Alvarenga, Alicia Guerra, Alicia Martin, Silvio Rodas, Victor Sosa

                                                                Line producer New York       Patricia Masera

                                                                Lighting designer                   Santiago Schaerer / Samantha Davis (New York)

                                                                Set Designer                           Monica González / Cormac O’brien (New York)

                                                                Costume Designer                 Florencia Soerensen.

                                                               Original music                          Diego Serafini, Marco Todisco

                                                               Choreography                         Jorge Baez.

                                                                Visual animation                     Hugo Cataldo.

                                                               Dramaturgy                              Rayam Mussi.

About the Company: en borrador teatro en construccion - first draft theater under co


En Borradoris a collaborative, multidisciplinary and multicultural platform that creates original devised theater from New York to Asunción (Paraguay) and Asunción to New York.  Founded by Paraguayan director Paola Irún, the company was declared a“National Cultural Interestby the National Secretary of Culture of Paraguayand VERSION 6 is the second full-length production for this fast rising international company.