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An Umbrella in the Snow  | Open: 05/01/12 Close: 05/06/12

Fact Theatre Company is concluding its third season with their annual PAGE 2 STAGE repertoire. FACT focuses on developing new work and the two shows being presented were developed during their playwright's forums.

AN UMBRELLA IN THE SNOW by Jack Dyville is a full length play which has had an evolution from short play to full length. The story explores the friendship of two of the most unlikely acquaintances, Edith Loveland, (LUCY SORLUCCO) a former 76 year old Broadway chorus girl and Edgar (GUS FERRARI), a 40-something father of three, New York City fry-cook. Once successful, Ms. Lovely now lives alone in a flea-bag residence hotel in midtown Manhattan where Edgar owns the coffee shop. The two establish a bond of friendship and understanding, as Edgar, who is going through a separation from his wife of sixteen years, learns some valuable lessons from his new friend. Each becomes sympathetic to one another as they discover is about making choices and accepting differences.

An extraordinary duo on a sentimental journey; poignantly told with honesty and lots of heart and soul.