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home again  | Open: 06/19/14 Close: 06/21/14
Inspired by the Lower East Side, Roots&Branches Theater's Home Again tells stories of projects and studios, stoops and sidewalks, cafes and dives. An intergenerational company of actors (ages 12-90) burst into song; synagogues and delis transform into churches and bodegas; seniors squeeze together with twenty-somethings into impossibly tiny apartments. Recent arrivals invoke the ghosts of past immigrants, realtors lurk in every alley and now the ugliest rug in a run-down apartment is worth a fortune. Even the walls can talk. This show will ask key questions about our perception of home: What makes a home? What forges a community? Who will inherit this one?


campfire  | Open: 05/10/14 Close: 05/17/14
Somewhere in the city, there is a tent. Inside this tent, there is an entire forest. Inside every tree trunk and under every rock, there is a story. Trusty Sidekick invites you and your children to join us as we gather around the campfire. Together, we'll gaze through our binoculars, look for shooting stars and entertain porcupines with a good joke. This intimate theater experience for the youngest adventurers uses innovative puppetry and immersive staging to conjure the sights and sounds of a vibrant forest. Best for audiences aged 2-5.


Hineni (Here I am):  | Open: 04/10/14 Close: 04/12/14
In the premiere of Hineni (Here I am), Sasha Soreff Dance Theater invites audiences to experience what it means to be here, right now. Drawing on ancient texts and contemporary culture, Hineni delves into what it means to show up, ready or not. What are the defining moments we face in our lives to heed a call, to claim our space, to take action? Against a score that evokes the desert, the performers enact a pilgrimage of dislocation and arrival. Performances will include a post-show panel discussion where scholars, spiritual leaders, artists and others will reflect on the work.


Your Day is My Night : Live Performance and Film  | Open: 11/01/12 Close: 11/03/12
"Your Day is My Night" : Live Performance and Film
Thursday-Saturday, November 1,2 and 3 at 7:30pm

Presented in collaboration with the Tenement Museum and the Museum of the Chinese in America

In "Your Day is My Night" a group of Chinese performers create a dynamic live film performance that tells the collective story of Chinese immigration to New York City from the viewpoint of an older generation. On both stage and screen, the seven performers play themselves, all living together with a young Puerto Rican woman in a shift-bed apartment on Hester Street in the heart of Chinatown. These apartments are filled with beds that people rent for twelve hour shifts. The concept of the shift-bed allows us as viewers to see the private become public, as the bed transforms into a stage for our characters to reveal the struggles and joys of their lives. Directed by Lynne Sachs, "Your Day is My Night" is a provocative work of experimental theater and cinema that looks at issues of privacy, intimacy, and community in relationship to this familiar item of household furniture.


The D.r.e.a(m.)3 Freedom Revival  | Open: 10/06/12 Close: 10/06/12
The Dr. Reverend Ebenezer Abernathy and The Sound of Freedom band and choir bring their Mellifluously, Melodious, and Medicative Freedom Revival straight from Syracuse to New York City for a one-night-only celebration. With music, laughter, and a little fire and brimstone, this secular Revival for freedom and democracy is a rip-roarin', foot-stompin', hand-clappin' celebration that uses Central New York's rich legacy of freedom struggles (and Evangelical Tent Revivals!) as the gateway into deeper conversations about the issues that affect our lives and about what it means to claim our collective stake as citizens within a thriving democracy. A highly entertaining and unique example of community-based arts, The D.R.E.A(M.)3 Freedom Revival offers an uplifting experience you won't soon forget. Come for the Fun, Stay for the Freedom!

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Shadow Play  | Open: 03/10/12 Close: 03/31/12
Have you ever wondered what happens to your shadow while you sleep? Well, it turns out that some shadows are more mischievous than others. And soon after moving to his new home, Flash discovers that his shadow has moving plans of his own! Follow the playful adventures of Flash and his exciting quest to reunite with his shadow in this multimedia performance for the youngest of audiences (ages 2-5) and the young at heart.