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New York, NY    10003

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Honey Fist  | Open: 04/30/13 Close: 05/18/13
Flux Theatre Ensemble will present the World Premiere of August Schulenburg’s (DEINDE; Lesser Seductions of History) Honey FistApril 30-May 18 at the 4th Street Theatre (83 East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery). The production will be directed by Kelly O’Donnell (Hearts Like Fists) and will feature Matt Archambault (Lesser Seductions of History), Nat Cassidy*(Songs of Love: A Theatrical Mixtape, FringeNYC 2012), Anna Rahn* (Ajax in Iraq), Isaiah Tanenbaum (Mac in DEINDE), and Chinaza Uche*(Peter in Hearts Like Fists). The Production Stage Manager will be Jodi Witherell. *Actor appears courtesy of the Actors’ Equity Association.

Set outside of Boston, Honey Fist follows a group of old friends gathering for an annual bender honoring Justin, a high school buddy who died young. An old adversary who turned Hollywood shows up with a movie star on his arm and a Porsche for the person who shares the best story about Justin. After the story-telling ends in a fight, the friends kidnap the movie star girlfriend as payback, and her presence unearths a painful truth about how Justin really died.

Flux’s production of Honey Fist will run in rep with their production of Johnna Adams’ Sans Merci. While both plays stand alone as individually conceived works, when presented together a fascinating dialogue emerges. Both plays explore the fraught landscape of loss, asking urgent questions like: “Who owns the stories of the dead?” and “Is it possible to move on without letting go?” yet each play has its own distinct and vital voice. Flux hopes that audiences will join them in the conversation sparked by presenting these plays together. The creative team for both productions will include Sound Design by Janie Bullard, Scenic Design by Charles Murdock Lucas, Costume Design by Will Lowry, and Lighting Design by Kia Rogers.

About the Company: Flux Theatre Ensemble

FLUX THEATRE ENSEMBLE Flux is an ensemble of 12 multi-faceted theatre artists developing plays through its quarterly Food:Soul play development series, weekly Flux Sunday workshops and its annual week-long retreat. In 2008, the New York Press called Flux “The Most Underappreciated Indie Theatre Whose Work You Should Get Your Ass To” and made Flux one of their “People of the Year” for 2008.

Barking Girl  | Open: 11/08/12 Close: 12/02/12

Chrysalis Theatre Company (Adina Taubman, Artistic Director) will present the World Premiere of Susan Bernfield’s (Stretch (a fantasia); Artistic Director of New Georges) BARKING GIRL, November 8-December 2 at the 4th Street Theatre (83 East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery). The production will be directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh (The Tenant with Woodshed Collective; TEN with Partial Comfort Productions) and will feature Max Arnaud* (Dreams of Friendly Aliens at Abingdon Theatre) Tom O’Keefe* (A Hard Wall at High Speed with Astoria Performing Arts Center), Meg MacCary*(2006 OBIE Award for What Then with Clubbed Thumb), and Adina Taubman* (A Line in the Sand, Outstanding Production of a Solo Show at the 2007 Midtown International Theatre Festival; 2010 Untied Solo Festival). The creative team will include Sound Design by Jon Bernstein & Deepthi Welaratna, Set Design by Carolyn Mraz, Costume Design by Amy Pedigo-Otto, and Lighting Design by Gillian Wolpert. 
*Actor appears courtesy of the Actors’ Equity Association
Rae sees herself as independent, romantic, and unlike everyone else. So when the world thrusts a strange new identity on her, just because she’s had a baby, she fights it with every fiber of her being. Until adventure abruptly reappears into her life, leaving her to create a connection with her child, on her own terms. 
Susan Bernfield's play BARKING GIRL was developed at the 2003 O'Neill National Playwrights Conference. Chrysalis Theatre Company’s production will be the play’s World Premiere.
No Fear Shakespeare's Richard Iii  | Open: 10/20/12 Close: 11/03/12
No Fear Shakespeare is ubiquitous in the world of education. You've seen them the original Elizabethan text is on one side of the page and a plain English translation faces it. Chances are, you've probably used a No Fear Shakespeare text at some point in your life to help decipher a line, a character, a soliloquy. But we're willing to bet you've never seen one staged. In fact, we're sure of it. With the permission of Barnes & Noble, we are pleased to present the world premiere of No Fear Shakespeare's Richard III. With the original language removed, the ambition of a mad king resonates in a startling new way. Prepare for the rise and fall of a legend as never experienced before.


For Pete's Sake  | Open: 09/27/12 Close: 10/14/12
Have you ever had a secret? Something so terrible, so dark, that it suffocated you, destroying your life and leaving you emotionally starved, empty inside? For Pete's Sake takes you on a journey inside Joe's mind as he struggles with the truth. Tormented by the voices in his head and the memories from his past, Joe takes a comedic look at the tragedy of his life as he struggles to find understanding and free himself from an abusive past.


Damascus, Written And Performed By Andrew Weems  | Open: 06/06/12 Close: 06/24/12
Damascus is an irreverent tale of a dubious hero, who embarks on a harrowing and hilarious journey toward something like a moment of truth. This uncompromising, haunting and deeply funny story takes us to the other side of the world, and across the busy street; to the wonders of the world and to Dunkin Donuts. Our hero finds the possibility of Grace can come from the most surprising of places, from the most unanticipated source. Damascus is the story of a long gnarly trip to a beautiful place. Join us!


Elephants On Parade 2012  | Open: 05/03/12 Close: 05/12/12
Elephants on Parade 2012 keeps our award-winning one-act festival going with 2 world premieres and 4 New York premieres in which hilarity and heartbreak ensues as people strive to connect to one another amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Jeff Carter's "Human Resources" directed by Katherine M. Carter
Patrick Gabridge's "Curse the Darkness" directed by Barbara Harrison
Barbara Lindsay's "Fighting Mr. Right" directed by Phillip Ruvelas
Jen Silverman's "Notes on Drowning" directed by Laura Braza
Sonya Sobieski's "True Enough" directed by Caleb Eigsti
John Weagly's "Purple Hearts and Missing Femurs" directed by Eric Alba

The cast features Eric Alba, Courtney Fitzgerald, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Joshua Everett Johnson, Joe Mullen, Nick Reinhardt, Elizabeth Spano, and Ryan Willard.

Scenic design by Cory Rodriguez
Costume design by Casey Malone
Lighting design by Tracy Lynn Wertheimer
Sound design by Joshua B. Jenks
Props design by Lauren Genutis