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Todays Date: 06/29/22
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Address: 18 Whitwell Pl.
Brooklyn, NY    11215

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Songs of Love + Loss  | Open: 02/09/14 Close: 02/09/14
Whether you love or loathe Valentine's Day, come share in the delight and dismay of falling in love as Piper Theatre Productions presents our 2nd annual Cabaret FUNdraiser.

Sunday, February 9
5 - 7 pm
at ShapeShifter Lab*
18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY

Beverages available for purchase

Join us for an evening that celebrates some of our favorite love songs in musical theater performed by Piper's growing family of actors and musicians as well as stories and monologues told by members of our vibrant youth program. Proceeds benefit our summer youth scholarship program.

Directed by Mollie Lief
Musical Direction by Laura Mulholland

*The ShapeShifter Lab is a 4,200 square foot performance space between Carroll and 1st Streets, 3rd and 4th Avenues across the street from the Children's School


Robot Church Presents: Mechanical Garden  | Open: 06/15/12 Close: 06/15/12
Date: June 15 (Fri)
Time: 7:00- 9:30p
Cover: $10

Presented by Robot Church and Shapeshifter Lab
Come to this Friday's Music, Dance, and Film Presentation



Allie Cave - Solo Modern Dance

Pierre Guilbault- Modern Dance Solo


Sophia Lavonne-Hip Hop Dance Solo

Poppin battle:

Modern/Hip Hop fusion for theatre:

Freestyle (4:35):

Emile Blondel:::: SOLO PIANO

Blondel has played with symphonies in concert halls across the United States and France. He's also established himself as a jazz and collaborative pianist. Beyond that though, Blondel has an ear for innovative music that defies genre.

:::::::::::SHORT FILM SCREENING::::::::::


featuring the up and coming brooklyn out-monsters...

The Big Machine:


Aaron Burnette- Sax
Andy Berman- Guitar
Jeff Witherel- Drums
Nick Jozwiak- Bass
Calos Homs- Piano

All this for just 10 bucks...

Brought to you by The Robot Church.


Living Art Event  | Open: 05/20/12 Close: 05/20/12
*Living Art Event* is the most unique fusion of art, dance, and music performed today. Unpainted canvases will blanket the floors and walls with Monvelyno Alexis and his band playing alongside Jennifer Giuglianotti as she paints through dancing allowing the audience the intimate experience of becoming part of creation's process. The audience even has the opportunity to engage in painting on a large group canvas! Breaking the boundaries of language and culture through merging art, dance, and music, Monvelyno and Jennifer engage us in their journey. Monvelyno sings both in English and Creole, playing through the universal language of music. With Jennifer by his side, she paints the beautiful images and feelings he expresses in his songs, all through choreographed and improvised movements. The audience feels the intimate experience of watching a painting be created right in front of them...
"We want to inspire people to live in the moment, engage their creative selves, and feel free to express how they feel through whatever creative medium they can". A large canvas with paint and brushes will be available for the audience to paint whenever they want throughout the exhibit.

What's in Store for You May 20th 6-10:30 pm
*Walk through the doors of Shapeshifter Lab and delight your eyes in over 45 paintings ranging from palm-size to over 6 ft by 6 ft. All paintings are for sale with the option of bidding in a night-long silent auction.
*7 pm: Behind-the-scenes footage will be projected of Monvelyno and Jennifer creating some of the pieces on display.
*7:30-9: Monvelyno Quintet and Jennifer perform
*9-10:30: Free time to jam, paint on a the group canvas, dance, and enjoy the art
*Refreshments/drinks are available at Shapeshifter Lab. Monvelyno and Jennifer will be bringing yummy appetizers-- Free for you!

Buy tickets at the door or online for *Living Art Event* May 20th (before they sell out!) $8 ticket:

About The Artists: Monvelyno Alexis and Jennifer Giuglianotti
A native of Port-au-Prince, Monvelyno Alexis brings to NYC, the rich artistic and musical culture of Haiti. A world-traveling singer, guitarist, songwriter, and painter, he lives every day creating. Monvelyno's music is a blend of Haitian vodoun inspired jazz, funk, fusion, and experimental. He has a revolutionary vision, consisting of creating a music that would preserve the authenticity of the African legacy in the Haitian musical heritage. His passion moves him forward, in search of an original musical language. A talented painter, he incorporates the freedom of abstraction with spiritual voodoo symbols in rich, colorful palettes.

Kod Ak Po Project, which translates from Creole as "The Skins and Strings Project" is the umbrella-term for his creative vision encompassing music and artwork. The idea of the Kod ak Po (Strings & Skins) Project originated from conversations with voodoo clerics and deep studies of their rituals and spiritual songs. Monvelyno's most recent album (in English and Creole) is called, "Conscience State of Mind". Merging his Haitian roots with elements of popular music, he reaches out to a wider audience. Upon requests of university students and fans, he now sings his songs in English as well. "Kouzen Azakamede" was his first album released in 2010. Currently he is hard at work, creating his third solo album.

As a dance/movement therapist graduating from Pratt Institute, Jennifer Giuglianotti learned that some psychiatric patients were sometimes more open to creating art than dancing. This propelled her to combine art-making and dance into one therapy session, which allowed the patients to express themselves through different mediums. Over a year and a half has passed and she has taken this tool and used it in her own life, through "Choreography On Canvas"; creating art through dancing in performances. "Dancers and artists in the 60's used to perform their paintings and experiment like this but it just isn't done anymore..." It is the journey through creating art that is her focus, rather than the image or result of the finished painting. As a viewer, you can feel the raw emotions laid upon the canvas through the drips, swirls, and streaks of colorful paint. She shares her soul with you, exposes how she feels and takes that risk. There is so much movement in the paintings you can't help but be moved yourself.


Congregation  | Open: 04/28/12 Close: 04/28/12
Art, Performance, and Music Salon Style
Potluck dinner and meeting of the Mind.
Curated by Jon Pratt and hosted by
Robot Church and ShapeShifter Lab


Yue Yu, Dana Marie, and more

Erin Beneze: Tides
Jonathan Pratt: Victim Eyes
Ian Merrigan and Co: Brother from another Mother Tongue


Mari Meade Dance Company: "Spit and Skip" and MORE
Kathryn Logan: debuting her brand new SOLO " "


Yue Yu-Piano

Emile Blondel-Piano

Original Songs by Ian Merrigan
Arranged and performed with Lanusa, Cedric Lamar, and Jon Pratt

Live Dub Step and Drum and Bass

The Dive::::
Electronic Duo featuring Jonathan Pratt and (fresh back from the tundra of MOSCOW)::: Joe Hundertmark::: Come welcome our boy back to the states!

Matthew Garrison and Jon Pratt::::
Nuff Said... check this shit out yall.

AND Special guests Symphonics BEATBOX CREW!!
Featuring Grey Matter, YG, The Eye of Horus (these guys are not to be fucked with)

Culminating in Hip Hop Orchestra Session and Dancing with DJ Mickey Perez

Please RSVP and/or buy your tickets today!


Strickly from the Sole  | Open: 04/20/12 Close: 04/21/12
Strickland, a three-time jazz poll winner, and his group have just returned from an 11-city European tour. Sole Society's choreographer, Michela Marino Lerman, winner of numerous awards and honors, is the subject of a new documentary film, currently in production. She teams with outstanding fellow tap dancers Frances Bradley, Maurice Chestnut, and Cartier Williams. Building on a number of previous collaborations among group members, Strickly from the Sole promises to be a memorable unification of these two distinctively American art forms.