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Todays Date: 11/26/22
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Address: 380 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY    10013

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Divorcification: Medea Reconstructed  | Open: 11/28/12 Close: 12/09/12
DIVORCIFICATION transports the timeless tale of Jason and Medea into our attention-torn society, where newer is better and technology encourages simultaneous human connection and disconnect. Though this year marks the 2,443rd anniversary of Medea's first performance, its themes of divorce and immigration confront us on an increasingly frequent basis. In this modern treatment, Jason teaches computer science at Baruch, while Medea is a pharmaceutical representative from South America. As their marriage disintegrates, so does the reality of the play, until we are left with an exposed wasteland of theatera wandering stage manager, off-kilter projection feeds, and live network televisionuntil Medea and her son come face to face with the dangers of life without a support network.

Written and directed by GARY FERRAR


Stage Manager ELENA LEVENSON, Production Director JESSICA MONAHAN

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Off The Map: Three Plays  | Open: 11/14/12 Close: 11/18/12
Off The Map: Three Plays
by A.J. Ditty, Kaela Garvin, and Laura Durst

presented by Boxed Wine Productions at The Access Theater

Dates & Times:
Wednesday, November 14 - 8pm
Thursday, November 15 - 8pm
Friday, November 16 - 8pm
Saturday, November 17 - 2pm & 8pm
Sunday, November 18 - 8pm

The show will run approximately 2 hours.

Written by A.J. Ditty
Directed by Kevin Hourigan
Stage managed by Marissa Maislen
Starring Andres Sosa, Jessica Smith, and Niall Powderly*
A boy, Miguel de Escondido, and his cat, La Gata, go in search of the boy's lost father, Roderigo de Escondido, after he disappears under mysterious circumstances. Following up on his father's last cryptic words about a land called "Magellanica", Miguel and La Gata set off on a journey to bring him home. Along the way, the two encounter many perils and pitfalls, including the fearsome Borracho- a manic depressive giant who is the last of his kind. Will Miguel and La Gata find Magellanica in time to save his father? Or will the quest prove too much for the young adventurer to bear? The answers are waiting in the mystical land of Magellanica.

Written by Kaela Garvin
Directed by EV Lazar
Stage managed by Diana Egizi
Starring Diana Egizi, William Vaughn, Cristina Gatti, Gabriel Carli-Jones*, and Rachel Naar
In the small suburban town of Corner's Grove, CA, Wally Webb keeps a map of the stars' deaths, marking the location of every dead person he's ever cared about. Our Towns follows four twenty-somethings on three days in one year as they learn of Whitney Houston's death, flush out each others' secrets, and then are wrenched apart.

Written by Laura Durst
Directed by Daniel Johnsen
Stage managed by Chadd Laurence
Starring Alton Alburo*, Carolyn Cutillo*, Emma Wisniewski, Neysa Lozano and Bryn Carter
"Do Stop Chattering" follows 24 year old Miles Wright who lives at home with his mother and spends most of his time with his hallucination, Valentine. Miles is severely schizophrenic and after having undergone treatment has chosen to keep his illness and his dearest, though nonexistent, friend, rejecting the outside world and the flesh and blood relationships that exist there as well. Reality as he knows it is threatened when Isis, an 18 year old thrill seeker, walks into his home and shakes the bond between hallucinator and hallucination.

* Boxed Wine Company Member

Boxed Wine Productions is an ever-growing family that believes that art, like boxed wine, should be easily accessible, totally affordable, and enjoyed with friends. We are interested in the fine line between light and dark, the moments where laughter meets tears. We believe in the power of a good love story and the necessity of an occasional song and dance. We produce highly collaborative work that pushes our physical and emotional limits and is conducive to our individual and collective artistic growth.


Macbeth  | Open: 10/26/12 Close: 11/03/12
A demented twist on a terrifying tragedy, The Crook Theater Company's Macbeth opens on October 26th at The Access Theater in TriBeCa. The troubled thane and his fiend-like queen will let nothing stand in the way of becoming the last men standing. This gender-bending adaptation highlights the scariest aspects of Shakespeare's story, setting the play in a bleak future full of violence and betrayal, and devoid of hope. Featuring the talents of many brand-new New York artists, this production mines the Scottish play for its deep horror and dark comedy. Demons, witches, zombies, and bloody murder make this the perfect Halloween treat!

Directed by Raife Baker, the cast includes Marisa Duchowny, Ben Kahre, Phillip Mills, Dan Morrison, Lloyd Mulvey, Richard Prioleau, Max Rosenak, Kyle Schaefer. The production/design team consists of Joseph Clayton Ernst, Christina Wallace, Whitney Dearden, Roy Howington, Dan Rousseau, Josh Millicam, and Dan Morrison. Runs 10/26-11/4 at the Access Theater in TriBeCa.


Far From Chekhov  | Open: 05/30/12 Close: 06/03/12
Melissa, Charlie and Carolyn all grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They were raised by their single father after their mother ran off with another man when they were children. Charlie fled, at age 19, to Los Angeles forcing Melissa, the eldest, to move back home to take care of her ailing father and 11 year old sister. The play begins 8 years later, with Charlie returning to South Carolina for the death of their father. She attempts to make amends with her estranged sisters with out revealing why she had to leave in the first place.


Ordinary Days  | Open: 04/19/12 Close: 04/22/12
Ordinary Days is a simple and beautiful musical by Adam Gwon, which was originally produced by Roundabout Theater Company in 2009. It tells the story of four young New Yorkers whose lives cross over in an enourmous metropolis, NYC, as they search for fulfillment, happiness, love and the meaning of life. Through a score of vibrant and memorable songs, you will find your own story among their experiences.

Ordinary Days

Directed by Yojiro Ichikawa

Casts: Katie Reid, Christopher Linsey, Jasmine Romero and Ronen Bay

4/19, Thur - 8:00pm
4/20, Fri - 3:30pm, 8:00pm
4/21, Sat - 3:30pm, 8:00pm
4/22, Sun - 3:30pm, 8:00pm