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Young Sully: Stories From An Irish American Youth  | Open: 03/14/12 Close: 03/14/12
2011 S.F. Chronicle Pick of the Week
2011 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival Selection (Austin, TX)

In his debut one-man show, Patrick O'Sullivan gives a comedic and heartfelt reflection of his experiences growing up in the Irish immigrant culture of the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring remarkable and outlandish tales of everyone from his father (former Premier League soccer player Paddy Sullivan) to legendary local drinker Johnny Foley.

NOTE: It is advised you buy a drink at the bar before the show and bring it to your seat, as we will be toasting these characters in this trip down memory lane!

Patrick is the creator of the hit shows All About Walken: The Impersonators of Christopher Walken and All About Jack (Nicholson). In 2012, you can see him as Gary Busey in Point Break Live and in the upcoming horror film Smiley. Patrick also performs stand-up all over the country, writes and performs for internet channel Totally Sketch, and produced a new documentary on Lenny Bruce titled Looking for Lenny. He has been seen on Comedy Central, CBS, and Showtime and interviewed on NPR and Fox News. A former rock vocalist, radio/roller rink DJ, and scoreboard operator for the S.F. Giants and 49ers, he's really just a big kid from the wrong side of the tracks with a story to tell.

past reviews:

"an act of absurd genius." - L.A. Times

"O'Sullivan - in that Jim Carrey way, in alternating fits of sardonic genius and footstomping hambone." - Martini Republic

"O'Sullivan stands out." - Comedy LA

Stand Up"