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Gauguin!  | Open: 02/18/12 Close: 04/28/12
Sixth Inspiring Year begins 2011!

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"Mr. Fischoff...sings the songs while accompanying himself on the piano and sprinkles in asides about Gauguin's life, illustrating it all with large reproductions of his canvases. By the show's end he has given the uninitiated an idea of Gauguin's methods and influence and touched on the artist's decision to leave his family, his fascination with Tahiti and other pivotal biographical points.

He seems to pour all his experience into the solo version of Savage Light, not to mention the skills he honed at Juilliard: he plays some of the songs one-handed while using the other hand to hold up a painting that illustrates the lyrics he's singing."

- Neil Genzlinger, NY TIMES, February 15th, 2008

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Longest running Off-Broadway musical in years.

By composer of classic hits "Lazy Day" and "98.6"

George Fischoff's new musical Gauguin/ Savage Light, soon to be entering it's 4th year, is an exciting one person performance of the journey to greatness of the immortal French artist Paul Gauguin.

Fischoff, a major hit song writer of the 60s, whose songs have been recorded by everyone from Perry Como to the Monkees and from Herb Alpert to Pearl Bailey, takes us through episodes of Gauguin's exciting life from Paris to the relationship with Van Gogh in the south of France and finally to Tahiti.

magnificent reproductions of Gauguin paintings make up the entire decor.

"Mr. Fischoff, whose writing credits include a couple of pop hits from the 1960s that those of a certain age still have stuck in their head (98.6, Lazy Day), did more or less everything here, book, lyrics, musical direction. He even plays the piano accompaniment himself, and impressively! The songs...a concept album! Some stand out, like the anthem, Land of Dreams!" - New York Times

The last time Mr. Fischoff did a one man show in New York, Clive Barnes wrote in the New York Post "Fischoff doesn't just tickle the ivories! He makes them reverberate with passion and resonate with the wrath of GOD!"

Mr. Fischoff's hope is that all who see his performance will be inspired to achieve their dreams. This musical is appropriate for all ages and will inspire everyone.