The Shell Theater

Todays Date: 11/27/21
Last Update: 06/03/12 05:45:42 PM
Address: 300 W 43 rd ST. #403
New York, NY    10036

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And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little  | Open: 06/21/12 Close: 07/08/12
The three Reardon sisters, deserted by their father and dominated by their recently deceased mother, are now in their prime and battling their own demons- one sister is just a bit controlling, another drinks just a bit too much, and the third has gone just a bit crazy. When one sister presses the need to institutionalize another, the simmering resentments of many years burst alive in a scandalously hilarious sibling brawl.



Silence...  | Open: 05/05/12 Close: 05/24/12
The Limbaugh Lovers Song Book  | Open: 04/20/12 Close: 04/22/12
America, let your ticket be counted! Come see Rush Limbaugh have a nervous breakdown and turn into a liberal. The only show in town that gives you the choice of a styrofoam tomato to throw at the this right wing zero or a Limbaugh cigar to toss to your right on hero! Whether you love to hate him or hate to love him The Limbaugh Lovers Songbook, a one man multi media musical starring Wayne Lammers, Grammy nominated writer for the Al Franken Show. "Lammers and Levin are our Resident Gilbert and Sullivans"- Al Franken. "Every line is a masterpiece"-Jackie Mason.



From The Same Cloth By Megan Auster Rosen  | Open: 04/05/12 Close: 04/15/12